In this article, we take a look at some of the more interesting add-ons for Elementor. Elementor, is currently by far the best builder and probably the best WordPress extension throughout its several-year history for those who want to create an attractive website themselves.

Elementor owes its popularity mainly to its amazing features and the free basic version of the plugin which optimises your work enormously. The popularity of the plugin is also due to the inexpensive PRO version of the plugin, which transforms your website into a real content creator, not only for pages, subpages or articles, but also for the whole layout!

Elementor is also an extensible environment. As a result, many developers and agencies around the world have developed their own add-ons to enhance the builder with new and amazing features.

I've selected some of the best that I feel deserve interest, and the top four are firm favourites.

Ranking Nazwa Dodatków Cena
$49 / year for 1 site
$49 / year for any number of pages
$29.97 / year for 1 page
$49 / year for 1 site
Element Pack
$99 / year for 1 site
WidgetKit for Elementor
$39 / year for 1 site
Livemesh Addons for Elementor
$37 / year for 1 site
Powerpack for Elementor
$59 / year for 1 site
Sizzify Elementor
$46 / year for 1 site
Premium Addons for Elementor
$39 / year for 1 site

In practice, there are dozens of extensions available for Elementor, which enrich it with additional widgets more or less attractive. In practice, there are dozens of Elementor extensions available, which enrich Elementor with additional widgets that are more or less attractive. Yes, many of the modules they offer overlap, e.g. the widget responsible for displaying a list of articles may be available in many extensions, but each will have specific properties designed by the author of the extension. In other words, in one Elementor add-on, a widget performing X function will be more attractive than one performing the same task in another add-on.

Therefore, when deciding to make a purchase, you should first take a careful look at what a given extension actually offers. On manufacturers' websites you will find demos, thanks to which you can quickly check whether a given extension fits into your vision of website development and whether it is worth investing in.

Let us look at the top four in the table above, which I consider to be by far the best, at least as far as the present moment is concerned.

Elementor PRO

This is an extension that I recommend with my eyes closed. Definitely number 1 on the list. Why? First of all because of the possibilities, but also because the producer is the same company which created and develops Elementor. As a result we have a product of great quality and perfectly cooperating with the basic version of Elementor, which is extremely important.

In practice, this is the add-on you should start with if you want to meaningfully extend Elementor's capabilities in the free version.

The free version of Elementor offers us 30 basic widgets, while installing the Elementor PRO extension will increase this number to over 50.

List of elementor pro widgets
list of elementor pro widgets part 2
theme builder

Elementor Pro also supports so-called dynamic content features. So you can insert dynamically generated content (publication date, highlight image, title etc...) in a specific place on the page e.g. in the header. The extension also integrates with other plugins such as Pods whether Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), thus taking dynamic content management to a whole new level.

Elementor Pro provides you with great marketing tools, e.g. in the form of pop-ups, which you can use in many different ways, e.g. in the classic way to build a mailing list, inform about promotional actions or create attractive side sections with news, FanPage activity, videos and anything else you want. 

The highly customisable windows with multiple triggers make this add-on a great tool in the hands of any marketer, including beginners, to effectively increase the conversion rate on the website.


You have over 300 templates at your disposal, both whole subpages and selected sections such as: header, footer, popup etc., which will make it incredibly easy for you to build and attractively arrange the content of particular pages/subpages/articles.

The add-on for one site costs $49 per year. If you are an agency or freelancer you also have an extended license available allowing you to install Elementor Pro on as many sites as you like, including for your clients. 

However, as I write this article, information has appeared on the price list page about monthly billing model! For the time being when trying to purchase Elementor Pro I can only use the annual payment, but it looks like in a short while you will also be able to pay for this add-on on a monthly basis e.g. $5 each, which will be less of a one-off expense and only slightly more on an annual basis.

elementor pro price list

If you would like to get a better idea of what Elementor Pro can do, please visit the add-on page by clicking the button below.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

This is one of my favourite Elementor add-ons. Extremely popular, mainly because of the author, who is a company developing i.a. Astra whether the plug CartFlows. They are also the creators of a great, completely free extension for the Gutenberg editor with a similar name Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. I recommend testing if you don't know.

I like their Elementor widgets especially when it comes to modal windows or video widgets, but of course each user has different preferences so other widgets may be more useful for you. In general, you can now add 23 widgets to your site.

ultimate addons elementor widgets
ultimate addons elementor widgets part 2

As for the cost, you can buy the plugin for the same price as ElementoraPro $49 / year. The difference is that you can install the plugin on as many sites as you want. You can also take advantage of larger packages for agencies, where in addition to the plugin itself you also get Astra theme and other accessories.

ultimate addons elementor price list

Elementor Essential Addons

Until recently, this plugin was available in a freemium model, meaning it had a free version in the WordPress repository. Unfortunately this has changed and currently the plugin is only available in the paid model.

essential part 1
essential part 2
essential part 3

It offers an impressive number of widgets. At the moment there are over 55 of them, and the modular architecture allows you to activate only the add-ons you want to use.

Essential backend

When it comes to costs, the plug-in is very attractive because for one site we can buy it for $29 for a year. If we would like to run it on multiple sites, then we need to spend less than $60.

We have the option to purchase a perpetual licence, so we pay just under $170 at one time and use the plugin and its updates at no additional charge in the future.

UA Price list


Crocoblock is a very successful project. Previously, the developers sold individual add-ons on CodeCanyon, but relatively recently they have collected all these extensions in one product, which they called Crocoblock.

What do we find in the set?

  • JetElements: This add-on enriches Elementor with dozens of widgets
  • JetMenu: An extension for creating advanced menus in vertical and horizontal layouts. All this of course using Elementor.
  • JetTabs: Allows you to organise content using advanced tabs
  • JetBlog: Adds widgets to Elementor related to blog posts
  • JetReviews: Adds an opinion module to Elementor
  • JetWoobuilder: This plugin is sure to appeal to people who run or plan to run their own online shop based on WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • JetTricks: Adding animation to a section of a page.
  • JetThemecore: Allows you to create web pages from ready-made templates
  • JetBlocks: The add-on allows you to create header and footer and enrich them with many widgets.
  • JetEngine: Advanced dynamic content editor
  • JetPopup: Allows you to create advanced popup windows in Elementor
  • JetSmartfilters: Allows you to implement filters for WooCommerce products
  • JetProduct galleryAs the name suggests, with this plugin we can manage product galleries
  • JetSearch: Advanced search engine
  • JetComparewishlist: Adds product comparison and wishlist functionality for shops running on WooCommerce

On the manufacturer's website you can take a look at each of the above mentioned additives in action. The package also includes the Kava Pro theme, which you can use or not if you prefer other solutions like I do, for example: Astra, GeneratePress or OceanWP.  To the Elementor library, the above extensions also throw in a handful of professional templates for landing pages and more.

Without a doubt, Crocoblock's advantage is its modularity, so if you buy this extension, you can only activate the add-ons you actually use on a given site.

As for the price, it starts at $49/year for one site. If we want to run Crocoblock for any number of sites we need to pay $79 / year. But there is also an option of one-time payment, which gives us unlimited access to all updates of the add-ons. The cost of such a license is $299.

crocoblock price list

Other extensions

In the table at the beginning of this article you will also find other additions to Elementor. These are also suggestions worth looking into. Links to the project pages below:


If you're thinking about expanding the capabilities of the free version of Elementor, then upgrade to the PRO version first. Elementor Pro will offer you much more than the other add-ons. This is mainly because this extension is developed by the creators of Elementor, so it is a natural extension of it offering awesome functionality, performance and compatibility, as well as parallel development.

Opt for the other extensions when you find something missing from Elementor Pro that you can achieve with another plugin. Which one? This primarily depends on your needs. You know my recommendations, but it's imperative that you check the manufacturers' websites for the capabilities of each plugin and their widgets. Make your final decision based on that.

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