There are many factors that have more or less influence on the SEO optimization of a website. It is good if you know at least the basic ones and try to make sure that every subpage of your website has them properly managed. Let's take a look at the four most important ones, which are also the elements you have direct influence on and can decide about their content.

META tags

The META Title and Description allow the search engine to better understand what the page/subpage is about. By placing your relevant phrases here, you give the search engine a clear signal that the page is directly related to them. Remember, however, that both the title and the description are elements visible to Internet users who search the Internet using search engines such as Google. Whether they click on your page in the search results does not depend solely on high ranking, but also on how attractively you design these two elements. If they are bland many people may skip them going to results further down the list. In the past the KEYWORDS tag was still important, where you typed in keywords related to a given subpage, but it was heavily abused. Eventually it turned out to be worthless for Google, which resulted in the fact that it has not been taken into consideration for a long time.


Headings tell both the reader and search engines what is most relevant in the text. H1 is the most important header and should occur only once on a single page. Subsequent headings such as H2, H3 etc... may occur more than once. Try to use headings to prioritise content on the page and include key words and phrases. Very often people who run websites forget about these elements or, without being aware of it, use many H1 headings on one subpage, which is definitely not good for it.

Friendly URLs

Try to keep the URLs of your website's pages as simple as possible and include relevant words or phrases related to the page. This is an additional element which allows the search engine to better understand the key content of the indexed page, as well as its structure. Today, practically all CMS systems have an option to activate friendly URLs. Make sure to enable such an option if you have not already done so.

Alt attributes

This is the alternative text for the images on the page. Remember to use them because they allow the search engine to better understand what is in the images. It can also increase traffic from Google image search. It may not be as important as, for example, meta tags or headings in the body of the page, but it is good if you take care of it, especially since it does not require much additional work when editing the page, and it may have a positive impact on its position and traffic.

As I mentioned in the introduction, these are not all the factors that influence search engine positions. There are also many technical factors such as page load speed, or external factors such as the number and quality of links leading to your site. There are so many of them that "manual" verification may be very time-consuming. However, it is usually the case that when a need arises, something soon appears that is able to satisfy it 🙂 This is also the case here. An example of an online audit result:

seo audit

These types of solutions are extremely helpful in running preliminary SEO audit and allow you to spot basic errors while suggesting what you should improve. Moreover, they do it for free. The tool to which I provided a link will check many other factors such as the ratio of page content to its code, the number of outgoing links, the number of pages indexed in Google, the number of backlinks, the speed of the page, the consistency of words on the page, whether you use gzip compression on your server and several other more or less important things. You know what else is cool about these tools? The fact that by generating a report you leave your mark on such a site in the form of a link 🙂 .


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