Starting a business, especially on the Internet, involves many decisions. It is necessary to choose a catchy, memorable name, define what the company will do, in which area it will operate, and define the target group.

When brainstorming a project name, it is also worth remembering to create a suitable corporate logo. Very often it is the trademark that determines the recognition of our brand. What are the most important things to consider when creating an e-commerce website?

Firstly: appearance

As indicated report, which was published on the basis of data for 2020, as much as 4.1 billion people around the world use the Internet. Social media are used by more than 3.8 billion users - which is about 49% world population.

From another analyses results in 73% percentage of Poles made purchases over the Internet. The e-commerce market itself grew year on year by about 31%This shows a very dynamic trend. Certainly, the pandemic, which I hope we are slowly putting behind us, has helped significantly.

According to forecasts, the ecommerce market will maintain a high rate of development. The aforementioned pandemic has caused a large number of businesses to move their operations to the Internet or expand their activities with an additional sales channel - the Internet. What we will observe in the coming months and years will be something completely different from what we have known through COVID.

On the one hand, the observed trends are a good signal, on the other hand, the problem is becoming... growing competition. Given the ever-increasing rate of shops moving from offline to online, the competition is getting stronger.

Therefore, pay attention to aspects that contribute to the user staying on your site a little longer, and even better if the site makes it easier and simpler to make purchasing decisions. One such thing is design, and speed, which will become increasingly important (see Core Web Vitals).

An aesthetically pleasing and intuitive website is more likely to attract the attention of a potential customer than a website with garish colours (looking at the preferences of Poles, in the case of Japan or China, it may be the other way round), a chaotic menu, no product descriptions and unprofessional photos.

Efficiency, on the other hand, means opting for minimalism, good hosting services and the best possible optimising website performance.

Second: the right presentation of the company

The visibility of a company on the web does not depend only on its own website. It is worth making every effort to make our products or services known everywhere. Presenting your company on Google is a very important part of your business. Putting detailed information about the company here, such as address, logo, opening hours, is very helpful.

Chances are that a potential customer will decide to contact you because you are easier to find!

Another thing you should pay attention to is the content on the website. Much depends on the industry in which we operate. For example, a website related to finance should maintain a formal tone, while the website of a kindergarten or a dietician can afford more informal content. Content itself should be written in an attractive and interesting way. It should also grow systematically. How often to write? You can find my hint in the article: How often to write.

Third: attract attention with your company logo

Designing a logo is a time-consuming process. It's not enough to just choose colours and a picture, a logo should carry a message. As an example we can mention many world-class companies that produce clothes, cars or jewellery. The logo of such companies is known by most people around the world and is clearly associated with luxury and exclusivity.

So it's worth putting your mind to it and hiring a company that specialises in creating these types of graphics. Once you have entered the market and established yourself there, changing your logo is a very difficult and tedious process that sometimes looks like building a brand from scratch. Draw attention with your company logoPut them on accessories that your employees and customers will use every day. Mouse pads, key rings, pens, are inexpensive gifts that always bring joy to customers and clients, and are one of the cheapest and effective forms of advertising your business.

Fourth: extremely important functionality

Transparency, the ability to smoothly and seamlessly navigate the website or application is extremely important. Nowadays, it is possible to add many extensions that increase the functionality of an e-commerce website. Especially when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce.

Navigation panels, which can be cleverly hidden so that you can use them when you need them, significantly increases the comfort of navigating the site. Thoughtful arrangement of subpages and products allows for their proper display, which is of great importance when it comes to subsequent sales results.

Fifth: Adapt your website to the specific target audience

Determining who the offer is aimed at is the basis of any business. On this basis, it is possible to indicate the direction in which advertising campaigns should go, as well as the design of the logo and the website itself. In a different way you should approach the creation of a site for young people, and in a different way for older people, if you create products or provide specialized services, also in this situation it is worthwhile to construct a site in such a way that it meets the expectations of the target group.

Nowadays, a website is inextricably linked with a company's activities. Currently, a company which does not have a developed website has little chance of success on the market. It is also worth remembering that the website is often responsible for the first impression that a company makes on potential customers, so it is extremely important to ensure its quality. It is good if the website, which is a showcase of our business, stands out among other websites of similar nature.

This task is made easier by tools available today, such as Elementor with libraries of ready-made templates in sometimes staggering quantities. Also themes like Kadence, Astra and others from my point of view best free WordPress templates allow you to get your website up and running in no time based on graphic designs prepared by professional designers.

All this you can learn if you want to, and I'm happy to help by supporting you on this path with my courses. I will start with the basics: WordPress course.


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