May and June are good for anniversaries. We have just celebrated WordPress's 18th birthdayand in June we have another opportunity to celebrate, because Elementor exactly 5 years ago it was made available for the first time in a repository WordPress. What about it?

elementor birthday

Elementor birthday discounts

The developers have decided to lower the purchase prices of new licences for a few days, and as far as I have seen, discounts also apply if you want to upgrade your package to a higher one.

In any case, the discounts go as high as 50% for the most expensive package allowing Elementor to be installed on a thousand WordPress instances. It's a license primarily for agencies and freelancers who create websites for their clients based on the most popular builder for WordPress which is unquestionably Elementor for today. What the discounts look like:

  • Essential Plan - unfortunately the cheapest licence does not offer a discount
  • Advanced plan10% discount (licence for 3 parties)
  • Plan Expert20% discount (licence for 25 pages)
  • Plan Studio30% discount (licence for 100 pages)
  • Plan Agency50% discount (licence for 1000 pages)

As I write this there are less than 6 days left until the end of the birthday promotion. So if you are thinking about buying an Elementor, now is a good time. The next occasions of this type will perhaps not appear until autumn and there is no certainty that they will reach 50%.

In addition, the Elementor PRO course

I also have my own little celebration. On the 1st of June 2003, that is 18 years ago, literally a few days after WordPress was released, I started my first hosting company 🙂 I recall those times with great nostalgia and I will certainly write more about them at some point, if only to compare how hosting services have changed over nearly two decades, and the changes are colossal. There was no WordPress hostingbecause none of the operators even thought about such a thing. But it is hardly surprising since WordPress itself was only a few days old 🙂 Everything was just beginning.

But back to the point. Here is my gift. Any of you who purchase Elementor PRO in at least the ADVANCED package by using the button below, thus supporting the development of JZS on this occasion, will receive as a gift Elementor PRO course.

Once you have done this please contact me with the date of purchase, time and which Elementor plan you purchased. I will verify these details and if they match you will receive access to the course 🙂 The campaign will run until the end of June 2021 so a little longer than the Elementor license promotion itself 🙂


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