It may happen that you or your customer finds that the appearance of the panel WordPress do not like it and want a change. What to do in such a situation? In the past, there was no other option but to roll up your sleeves and write your own theme for WP. If you don't code, at the time you would have had to outsource the task or let the idea go.

Today, however, you can change the look in a few moments and you don't have to write a single line of code. Not so long ago I had a conversation with a student MeetWPHe asked me if I knew any plugins that would allow to change the look of the WordPress panel. I told him that I had mentioned such a topic on my YT channel and that he should find this video and watch it, but after the conversation I started to look for it myself and came across some additional solutions.

I bought the PRO version of the plug-in for the first time Admin 2020to look at it and show you what it can achieve.

Admin 2020

The plugin also has its own free version downloadable from the WordPress repository, but I always try to test the paid unveilings as they show what the extension actually offers.

Plugin settings

Changing the look is... just installing the plugin. The effect of the installation (I turned on dark mode once because I like it):

View of the Admin 2020 plug-in settings

Doesn't it look like WordPress? What indicates that it is this CMS, however, are elements in the left menu chrakteristic for WordPress and well-known plugins such as Rank Math 🙂

At the top of the screenshot you can see the plugin settings. We have modules that can be disabled or enabled depending on your needs, among them: admin bar, module to create custom menu for WP panel, activation of panel theme, possibility to ostylate login page, folders in media library, analytics (you need to hook up with Google Analytics), content...

To a large extent, the settings of individual modules here come down to defining which user roles are to have access to specific areas. In a situation where you want to restrict the client's access to some panel options, so that they do not break something and feel comfortable on their own, this internal theme (let's call it that) will certainly work well.

Menu modification

If you don't like the default order, naming, or simply want to hide a selected menu object from users assigned to specific roles, you can do so in an extremely convenient way using the menu editor module.

WordPress panel menu editor

Google Analytics statistics from within your WordPress dashboard

When installing the Admin 2020 plugin, you can dispense with other plugins for displaying Google Analytics data, as a fair amount of data will be shown by the internal theme itself.

Statistics without statistics :)

I installed the theme on JZS so there is no data above it, because I do not use GA but Fathom Analytics. But here's an example from the authors' site, which shows exactly how the data will present itself when you combine Admin 2020 with Google Analytics:

Statistics in the WordPress dashboard after connecting the plugin with Google Analytics

There are many such features, but one that I personally also like very much is the search engine.

Search engine - better quality

By typing in a word or phrase you get a list of grouped data:

This is what the browser looks like. Completely different from the one you know from WordPress.

Really great stuff. You can instantly track down anything related to the word or phrase you entered. If you publish a lot, after installing this theme for WordPress dashboard you will quickly feel what comfort the new search engine gives you or your client.

Folders in the media library

Let me mention one more element. The theme changes the media library, enriching it with the possibility of creating folders and, thanks to that, better organizing the files uploaded to it.

Media library with the possibility of creating folders

Login page

If you want to change the look of the login page, this is also possible. Mine at the moment looks like the one below.

login 1

Light version of the theme

Above all, I showed you the dark mode, which can also be adjusted in colour. However, there are probably many people who prefer light colours. No problem, you can also use it. Below is an example. Note that there is a JZS logo in the top left instead of the default one, I disabled the standard WordPress top toolbar because the one you see below has everything I need. The colour scheme is black and grey with orange accents as on the front page. Many of your clients that you build sites for will like this branding better 🙂 .


How much does Admin 2020 cost

These are just a few of the most striking changes after installing Admin 2020, if you opt for this add-on you will probably discover many more.

In my opinion this is one of the better plugins for changing the look of your WordPress dashboard. If you are looking for something like this then test it out. The license for one page is $39, for unlimited pages $159, and if you like lifetime offers, then for $249 you get a plugin for as many sites as you want with no time limit. However, this is not a permanent offer, from what you can see on their site they have a limited number of perpetual licenses:

Price list admin 2020

It is likely that once these are exhausted, there will be a free plan (limited features), a PRO plan for one or unlimited pages in a subscription model. Will this happen though? One can observe, but the prices of this extension were raised probably 3 times in the last year. Perhaps what you see is the final level, but looking at how they develop this product and what else they plan to add, I wouldn't be surprised if in a few months the price went up again.


This is always a sensitive point for me, but in this case the extension does not affect negatively the frontend, because its task is to work on the backend. To put it simply, when your clients are browsing the site they won't notice any slowdowns because there is nothing to generate them, but some minimal slowdowns in the panel may occur, if only because there are some cool tools. If there are any, they can be counted in milliseconds, so in reality you should not feel it.


The Admin 2020 plugin, is a worthy extension for anyone looking for variety or who works as a developer of WordPress based sites and wants to give their clients something less standard. I will add that in addition to the restrictions you can put on the Client or other user roles, you can also publish a video on the main panel page. It can be, for example, an instructional video, so that the client you are working for will feel as pampered as possible 🙂 .


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