A few months ago, it was probably September 2020, a tool appeared on AppSumo bCast. In practice, it's dedicated podcast hosting.

I ignored the subject at the time, despite the fact that I had long been carrying around the idea of starting a podcast on JZS or for my students. When the offer came to an end I regretted a little that I had dragged my feet on the decision, but thankfully it came back and this time I didn't let it get away.

Podcasting is an activity about which I am not sure what the future holds for me. What is certain is that I want to give this form of transmission a chance. Only time will tell how well it works out in practice.

Why bCast?

The choice was obvious. If a lifetime offer appears, especially an offer about the practical application of which I have no greater doubts, I reach for it. Even if I do not use it in my own projects, my experiences with this or that tool may be useful for my students and JZS Readers.

bCast is nothing more than podcast hosting. I had a slight dilemma. I wondered if it would be better to use our hosting platforms. However, I quickly changed my mind. Above all, I value the convenience and comfort of the tools I have the pleasure of using.

bCast is a solution dedicated to podcasts, which means that in addition to hosting for audio files we get tools to manage podcasts. If it was just and only file hosting I wouldn't even bother, but if there are specific tools then it makes a significant difference.

With that in mind, and with the return of the Lifetime offer on AppSumo, I decided to use podcast hosting just from bCast. I have no personal experience with other hosting of this type, but analyzing the capabilities of the tools I see that they can significantly optimize my work. Yes, podcasts will not be recorded for me, but the subsequent management of audio materials will be very convenient.

What do I like about bCast?

I really like the simple and clear interface. The ability to quickly add more recordings, simple statistics on the number of downloads, as well as the ability to inject additional sounds at the beginning and or at the end of the podcast. On the one hand it can be an intro, on the other an advertisement, and what's important is that I can change them at any time without having to create new recordings. It is such flavours that often decide the choice 🙂 .


We can make the recordings available on a dedicated page running on our domain, but also without much trouble we can embed the podcast player on our own pages, for example on WordPress.

At the moment we can embed a player that will play the latest podcast or one that will play a particular episode of our choice. In the future - hopefully not too far away - there will also be a player that will allow a visitor to our site to listen to not one but many podcasts.

A very interesting feature is the ability to build subscriber lists. This can be automated to the extent that it is enough for a person interested in our podcasts to send a message to a specially designated e-mail address in order to be automatically added to the list of recipients of information about future publications.

Other advantages of bCast

I've already mentioned the convenient, intuitive interface, but let's remember that this is podcast hosting, so the question is how many we can actually publish. The good news is that there are no limits on recordings.

The only limit is the data transfer limit, which for a single purchased code on AppSumo is 1 TB per month. That's quite a lot, although of course a lot will depend on how heavy we publish files and of course how large a group of listeners we manage to attract in a given month.

image 8

When publishing a new episode, we can decide on the exact date and time of its publication. This is another very cool tool, because it is a convenient way to plan the cyclical appearance of successive episodes of our broadcasts.

bCast also allows you to publish the broadcast directly to your YouTube channel, which in my case is a very attractive option 🙂 What's more, there is the possibility to import video material that you have previously published on your YouTube channel, extract the audio track from it and publish it as a podcast.

image 9

Sample podcast

This is how the podcast player from bCast looks like at the moment. Maybe we do not have too many possibilities to interfere with its appearance, which I hope will be changed in the future, but it looks pretty decent and in principle I would not change anything in it, but maybe I'm not very demanding in this field 😉.

bCast in lifetime offer

The one-time fee for access to bCast via AppSumo, is $79. This price includes the aforementioned 1TB of data transfer per month, and you can create a single podcast with as many episodes as you want.

Watch the bCast on video

Will podcasts take up residence on JZS for good?

I don't know that, unfortunately. I treat podcasts as an experiment. My main and favourite medium, as you know, are films. However, if it turns out that also this form of transmission and consumption of content that I publish meets with interest, then podcasts will certainly become a permanent feature, both on How to make a website as well as on MeetWP. Today it's more a form of fun 🙂 .


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