How can website surveys help you?

When running any website, whether it is business or personal, we aim to attract as much traffic to it as possible. What we publish/offer and how we do it often has an impact on sales volumes, subscriptions, returning readers and the overall flourishing of our project.

However, for this to actually happen you need to remember one fundamental rule: "Listen to your Customers". If you do not listen to their needs, your project will develop much more slowly, and in some cases you will see a regression.

Surveys are a powerful marketing toolThe new "Marketing" tool will allow you to get to know your customers, subscribers and readers better and to meet them by offering them products, services or content exactly as they need them, not as you think they want them.

Collection of opinions and needs

Of course, a survey is not the only tool for gathering feedback on what you offer and what customers expect from you or your services. A mine of information can be comments under articles or products, comments left on social media or forms embedded on the page asking for feedback. These are relatively simple mechanisms.

A survey is a tool that will allow you to collect and often also conveniently analyse information, but it is also a slightly more complicated form of interaction. You need to make it engaging, enjoyable and as easy to use as possible in order to get the maximum number of users to decide to answer your questions.

WordPress and surveys

I love the Wordpress environment for many things, but my favourite thing about it, as you may know, is the scalability and wide access to extensions that are able to cater for many needs. The survey plugins are no different.

A good survey plugin makes your form look great and is easy to use, but that's not all, after all, in the context of surveys, reporting is key. So what if you collect hundreds or thousands of responses if it takes you a huge amount of time to analyze them. I've often been in contact with companies that created surveys, then received feedback and then a wall appeared, because there was no one to analyze the collected data. The worst possible scenario was when data was sent from a form to an email account. If there were only a few dozen of them, it was no big deal, but with volumes of several hundred and more it was a serious logistical problem.

When choosing a survey tool, make sure you can store user-submitted data with the option to export it for use in spreadsheet or CRM software, for example. Some systems offer built-in mechanisms for analytics in addition to these features.

You'll also need to think about how you want to share your survey results, if you want to share them publicly of course. If you plan to display the results on your site, you will need a plugin that allows you to embed the results in an eye-catching format.

In the case of WordPress, a good number of form building extensions also have options that allow you to create surveys. Here are a few of them.

Formidable Forms

Formidable plugin for building surveys and more

Formidable Forms, is an advanced form building plugin for WordPress-based sites that also offers interesting features for surveys.

You can create any form, including the aforementioned surveys, with this form creation tool. It contains all popular field types you would expect from a good plugin. Work is based on a comfortable drag and drop interface and, what is important, survey forms can be easily integrated with a huge number of external tools using for example Zapier service.

The plugin is available both in the WordPress repository and as a PRO version on the manufacturer's website.


Crowdsignal is another survey plugin

CrowdSignal, is a popular survey plugin for WordPress. But be warned. This is not a form generation plugin and unlike some other plugins, such as the one mentioned above it will not be suitable for purposes other than surveys.

It is available in a free version, but you need a account to get the API key. The free version, as you can guess, is limited in terms of functionality and also adds the producer's logo to the created surveys.

You should have no problems with CrowdSignal. The plugin is easy to use. You can change the poll publishing settings, you can share results and experiment with the styling of each poll you create. It includes spam protection and basic IP filtering to prevent multiple responses.

Quiz and Survey Master

Another WordPress plugin for polls and quizzes

As the name suggests Quiz and Survey Master, is a tool designed to help you create quizzes and surveys to put on your WordPress site. While functionally it has everything you need, I have to say that the user interface itself is not the most user-friendly.

The free version allows you to create surveys with all popular fields and even create multi-page surveys. You can also use this plugin to add quizzes with interactive answers, score tables and scoring.

The plugin can also send an email after the survey is completed to thank users or redirect them to any page you indicate. You will need to purchase the premium add-on for reporting and analytics.


wp pools

If you're looking for a simple solution to surveying your customers, the WP-Polls plugin is just the alternative. Unlike the other plugins on this list, there is no form builder and you can only use option buttons or checkboxes to collect responses, making it quite heavily limited.

Pollsters can automatically see the results when they cast their vote, and the plugin records the responses in logs where you can see how registered users voted. For unregistered users, you can see IP addresses, for example, to filter out duplicate votes this way.

These severely limited possibilities make it a relatively unattractive choice, but in some situations it may prove to be quite sufficient.

What if none of the WordPress survey plugins suit me?

If this is the case, you will certainly find other solutions that you can integrate into your WordPress site without much difficulty. There are quite a few of them, and manufacturers outdo each other with functionality and maximally visually attractive surveys. Let's take a quick peek at a few such tools.


SoGoSurvey external survey tool

This is one of the few tools that is able to offer you so much in its free version. SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive platform for survey design, distribution and analysis. Because it provides a full set of features, SoGoSurvey users don't need to look for additional tools for survey-related tasks.

Here is a (by no means exhaustive) sample of the opportunities you get by using the free plan:

  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • 24 unique question types
  • Three skip logic options
  • Possibility of embedding surveys in emails and websites
  • Up to 200 respondents per year (which is not too many)
  • Data export function (Word and CSV documents)
Quite a nice set. 

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

This is one of the more popular online survey tools that also offers a free plan, although this one is so limited that it's hard to talk about survey building comfort and analytics here. Nevertheless, you might want to check it out as it is one of the better UX-designed systems.

The paid version starts at £149 per month, but with an annual settlement, that's quite an expense for a small business.



Another very popular tool, regarded by many as the undisputed leader. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and its style very attractive, literally as if it were a reflection of the company's motto: "Asking questions should be easy".

The free version, called the CORE plan, has plenty to offer, including:

  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Unlimited number of answers
  • Data export
  • Custom design themes or ready-made templates
  • Basic reporting

These are some of the features you will find in the free version. Two features are worth noting here: unlimited questions and answers.

The Pro version, for €30 per month, includes payment fields, a quote calculator function, emailing options and many other interesting options.

With so many possibilities even in the free version, Typeform is worth checking out.



At the end of this list there is a quite young tool, but extremely easy to use and generating very pleasant to the eye and respondent friendly surveys. As in case of most of similar applications, here we also have at our disposal a convenient builder with 18 types of fields, which is quite enough to create almost any complex survey.

What we build we can easily embed on the page in many different ways. It can be a typical object embedded inside any subpage, or a widget sticked in the corner of the page calling up survey window after clicking it.

The built-in analysis system will make it easy for you to interpret the results and, if necessary, export them to a file for use in another programme.

Admittedly, integrations with external tools have not yet been implemented, but the roadmap shows the announcement of a connection between BlockSurvey and Zapier, which will automatically open up many additional opportunities to use this solution.

Unfortunately, there is no free version, while the paid version costs USD 10 per month, which is a very attractive price compared to competing systems.

A distinctive feature of BlockSurvey is data security. All your surveys and answers are encrypted and only you with a key can read them. No one else can do this including the producer himself.


A few plugins and a few WordPress independent tools obviously do not exhaust the topic. Treat the above list as a signpost of some kind, but look for others if the suggested ones don't suit you for some reason. You will find plenty of them. Let me mention a few more names for example: ProProfs Survey Maker, Google Forms, Client Heartbeat, Zoho Survey, Survey Gizmo, Survey Planet... and many more.

You might wonder. Why Krzysiek, while listing plugins for WordPress, writes additionally about independent tools that have little to do with WordPress. Firstly, these tools often offer more, and secondly, it's not always a good path to stuff your own site with more plugins. It's an individual decision, but sometimes it's worth taking a deep breath and considering whether X extensions are a good idea and won't affect what you care about most. Your website doesn't have to do everything!

In any case, the choice is impressive so it certainly won't be easy to make a decision. The solutions I've mentioned in the article are definitely worth your attention and you should take a look at them first. If you decide that it's not enough, keep looking. I am sure you will eventually find something that will fully satisfy you. Come back later and share your choice in the comments 🙂 I'd love to hear from you. 


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