(Update 2019 - The theme is no longer available for sale on TF)

This was the question I asked myself when faced with the task of choosing a template for PrintLander online t-shirt shop for enthusiasts. The shop is new, it has been running at the time of writing for only 2 months and so far it is based on a standard theme with modifications.

My task, apart from indicating an interesting template, was also to implement a very important element, which is t-shirt creator. Thanks to it, everyone can design a personalised t-shirt and order it in a flash. I'll mention the creator at the end, because it's worth it, because it's the most advanced (which doesn't mean difficult to use) t-shirt design tool on the Polish market. I am not exaggerating. OK, but I'll talk about that later, and now I'd like to tell you what template we've decided on.


Browsing through the resources of my favourite service Themeforest I found a project called Transformer. The project developed by the author for more than 3 years has lived to see a very functional version, the implementation of which I have started working on. I decided to write about it, because in relation to others on which I had the opportunity to work, this one seems to be solidly developed. And I do not mean just the appearance, because it is relative and depends largely on the taste of the implementer and the shop owner, besides, each implementation can be done differently. This is not the point and it is not the most important thing here. The author has paid great attention to optimising the template so that it works as efficiently as possible. Indeed on GTMetrix the demo achieves very good results.


Apart from the extensive configuration section of the template, where we can control almost everything from colours to the used fonts, the template works perfectly with the plug-in Visual ComposerThis translates into powerful possibilities of building and modifying the layout of individual pages and subpages of the online shop. Changes can be made by the owner himself without having to interfere with the source code of the shop templates, which for many is not without significance. With conscious template management, you can visually modify your shop at no extra cost. Cool, right?

Currently I'm still researching the template and working on integrating it with the T-shirt creator, but what I can already tell you is that I encountered practically no problems. Well, maybe there will be a bit of fun with the wizard, but it's not the fault of the template, but the level of complexity of the wizard itself. By the way, if anyone would like a personalized t-shirt for themselves, a gift for someone close or just a company t-shirt, feel free to play with the designer. I hope that the tool is intuitive and will give you a lot of joy. Well, maybe not the tool itself, but the final result of working with it 🙂 .

didwear t-shirt creator

To sum up. Transformer template is a successful product. Easy to manage, great features, well designed responsiveness, built-in blog module, included sensational Revolution Slider, the ability to work with Visual Composer and what is important frequent updates issued by the author, so that the skin is constantly developed and improved.

As soon as I have completed the implementation, I will let you know if I encountered any complications and present the final result.


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