The subject of SEO, i.e. optimisation of websites for their positioning, has been a very hot topic for many years. This is mainly due to the changes introduced by Google to its algorithms responsible for placing websites on specific positions in search results.

A lot is changing in this field, but everything is moving in a direction that will eliminate poor content from the search engine and bring to the top pages that carry a specific value for the reader.

Today, positioning is largely about content, content and more content. Unique, good quality content. This is the basis, without which you can basically forget about high positions in Google, and if by some miracle it happens, it certainly will not last long. So write in an interesting way, let the texts be developed in a way that will make your website stand out. Acting systematically in this way, you will surely notice measurable results of your work after some time. Interesting topics and nicely prepared content will attract visitors to your website, who will be willing to share links to it on social networking sites, discussion forums or their own websites. Google, seeing the growing number of references to your website, will also appreciate this, raising and strengthening your search engine position.

Well, apart from content, which is fundamental to effective and sustainable SEO, there are also links leading to your website. The more links the better, as this is important information for Google's machines to determine the popularity of your site, which in turn suggests valuable content that people are looking for.

So take care of the links to your site. It is best if these are links on sites as valuable as yours, or even better. The easiest way to get links to your own site is e.g. asking friends who have interesting sites to place a link to yours somewhere on their site. Most often you will not meet with a refusal. Another simple way to increase the number of links to your website are web directorieswhich you will find in huge numbers. The problem is, however, that most of them are junk directories and, what's worse, have a bad reputation in Google. Being listed in such directories may have a negative impact on your SEO efforts, so you need to be careful.

There are people who run special scripts for automatic cataloguing (most often in junk directories), but most SEO professionals will tell you that nothing works as well and as permanently as manually adding entries to valuable directories of your choice. Many such directories absolutely require unique descriptions, and some also allow you to include additional links (anchors) to important pages of your site in the description, which increases SEO effectiveness. Well-run directories are absolutely worth attention. Such catalogues do not allow pages of low substantive or aesthetic value to their resources, thanks to which they are an interesting set of pages not only for Google robots, but also for ordinary people searching the web for information. This factor is also worth taking into account, because while junk catalogues are basically developed only for search engine robots, healthily moderated catalogues are a place where you can easily find really interesting sites.

Here are some sample directories you might want to add to:

You will find many more directories, where it is absolutely worth or even necessary to be. Here applies the well-known saying "it doesn't hurt to be rich", because the more links to your site, the higher its position in Google. However, as I mentioned earlier, there is no point in bothering with junk catalogues. In my opinion it is a waste of time or time and money if you buy entries in such places.


Where, in addition, can links leading to the site be placed fairly easily? For example. on discussion forums. If you are a member of such an internet forum, put a link to your website in your signature and it will appear in the signature of each of your posts. Put the link in your forum profile if you can.

Share in the comments in various places on the web (blogs, portals, etc...). Of course, don't spam (this applies to everything you do). If you see that someone raises a topic related to your site, you can reply with a link to a text on your site that more fully answers the question asked by the commenter. Don't artificially impose yourself on such places, because it may be misunderstood and you will only do yourself harm.

Use every opportunity to get the word out about your website. Build a valuable base of links to it, which will help strengthen and maintain good positions in Google. And most importantly. Write in an interesting way, make your texts valuable for your readers. They will appreciate it and Google will follow.


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