From time to time you write to me with a question how to start your own business, what to look for, which accounting office to chooseand some of you are asking baffling questions like "I want to set up an online shop. Do I need to set up a business?". Hmmm... If you want to carry out any kind of profit-making activity, especially in the form of an online shop, it is absolutely you must register as an entrepreneur and settle accounts with the Tax Office. In this article I will not write about the procedures involved in registering a business. Perhaps I will touch upon this subject on another occasion. It is not particularly complicated when it comes to sole proprietorship.

If you have already managed to set up your own business, you even have a website, perhaps even the online shop we mentioned, costs will soon appear, e.g. hosting, domain registration, purchase of products for further resale, office equipment etc... This will sooner or later (which I wish) be followed by the first customers and the first sales. This means nothing but a growing pile of paperwork, e.g. in the form of invoices, with which you still have to do something.

Accounting Office

Accounting Office is usually associated with a lady sitting in a room covered with binders and tons of documents that she has to sort through. It is a frightening sight for the average person. It is not entirely clear how she does it, but she does it. There used to be no choice. Either you took care of it yourself or you commissioned a lady to take care of your bills. Today, both of these models still exist, but for the last few years various online systems have been gaining in strength, allowing you to do your own accounting, at least to a basic extent. This is called online accounting.

invoicing software

Of the tools I am writing about, I recommend the service, as well as Comarch ERP XTwhich, although a bit more expensive, has great features and, for me, sensational interface, which is a pleasure to work with. Additionally, Comarch ERP XT comes with free mobile applications for Android and IOS, which makes the convenience invaluable. wFirma also works on mobile, but you can forget about the convenience of native applications. So if you are considering doing your bookkeeping on your own and want to save some money, this type of solutions are just perfect for you.

What if you suddenly run out of time to keep up with changes in accounting and tax regulations? What if you prefer to concentrate on running your business rather than on accounting, which can sometimes be very absorbing? In such a situation there is nothing left for you but the aforementioned lady in a room full of documents.

Accounting Office Lublin

When I started in Lublin a decade or so ago, my first instinct was to try to do some bookkeeping on my own. A few documents seemed to me to be such an amount that I simply did not want to pay those few hundred zlotys (those were the prices at the beginning). However, it soon turned out that I hated this paperwork and, probably after two months, I entered the phrase "Accounting Office Lublin". I found the first one as close to my flat as possible and it went. The Lublin office ran me for about 8-9 years. During that time I had peace of mind, and my duties basically included collecting receipts and delivering them to the accounting office once a month.

Then some changes took place and I decided to entrust my bookkeeping to the Warsaw office with which I had been working for about 3 years. Why did I choose the Warsaw office when I am from Lublin? They had developed and implemented procedures which made the distance not a problem. More and more accountancy offices operating in the traditional model implement mechanisms which enable them to provide services to companies from virtually every corner of our country. That's what I love about the Internet 🙂 If you have your eye on a good office operating in this model, but you are afraid that there will be problems in communication I can say from my own example that there will be no problems. Go ahead and act.

After those three years, I typed in Google again "Accounting Office Lublin". Not because I got on badly with the Warsaw company, but because I was starting another project and in this case circumstances forced me to find an accounting office in Lublin. The advantage, not a small one in fact, was that I got a good offer in exchange for, among other things, help with building the office's website - by the way, I used my favourite WordPress and Elementora.

If you are from Lublin and are considering setting up a business, then UniTax Finance will support you at every stage, and you will get the aforementioned Comarch Optima ERP XT software. On UniTax subpage "Setting up a company" you will find details.

Consequently, I have combined both online accounting and the services of a proper accounting office in my business. All the documents I issue are automatically imported into the accounting office's system, and I have an overview of the most important financial topics.

To sum up. If you start a company, and you should start one if you want to sell services or products, think about the form in which you will keep your accounts and settlements with the treasury. If you decide to outsource your bookkeeping, the costs will be at the level of several dozen PLN per month. If you decide to outsource this task to an experienced accounting office, then you have to reckon with expenses at the level of about 150 PLN net upwards (depending on the number of documents, the form of taxation and settlements with the tax office).


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