Real-time information attracts a large proportion of internet users. We often want to know what is going on in a place where we cannot be and ideally this information should be served during the event.

You are certainly familiar with sites, especially sports sites, that cover events on their websites in this way. This is the most common form of real-time blogging, but in practice it doesn't have to be just sports coverage. You can publish your thoughts, observations and impressions of practically any kind of event you attend in this way. You share your feelings on the blog, and on the other hand your Readers react to what you publish. All in real time!

If you cover events from sports to politics, news and beyond, I think this is an interesting tool to consider. We will take a look at it.


This is the name of the platform that will give your blog a boost with live blogging. Arena is not only about blogging. The platform offers a tool to support chat the event being reported, a tool for monitoring of social networks to download external reviews and some cool features aimed at sports bloggers.

Arena and key features

Arena, as I already mentioned, is a real-time blogging platform. The most important capabilities it offers are:

  • Live blogging in real time
  • Social media streaming (you decide what you share live and what is linked to the event)
  • Live chat
  • Real-time analyses
  • Cross-publishing on Twitter and Facebook
  • Possibility for a larger editorial team to work together
  • Monetisation functions

Sports reporters have several additional features in addition to the above. A built-in sports calendar that allows visitors to our site to select events of interest to them. Arena will automatically import team / athlete information. It can also automatically sync real-time match results into blog post content.

How to embed Arena events into a WordPress blog

Arena for WordPress is two building blocks. On the one hand you have a platform where you work with the relationship, on the other you install a plugin on your WordPress blog that allows you to instantly embed the relationship for your site's readers.

All you have to do is create a free account on Arenas. It gives you the basic tools, but their spectrum is still impressive. You can easily run a live blog, use chat, a mobile app or social media.

Once you have an account active, you create an event, and after installing the plugin on your WordPress, you can use the special Gutenberg block to embed your coverage on any sub-page or within a selected blog article.

Step 1 - Creating an event

While logged in to the Arena platform, simply click on the add new event button.

Arena - adding an event

When you create your first event, a guide is launched to help you set it up properly:

First event of live coverage

In the first step, we need to define the category of the event. If we are reporting on something from the world of sport, we select the appropriate option and then further subcategories appear. We can then specify precisely which sport the event relates to.

Thematic category of the live event

Selecting football, for example, will take us to the next step, where we select the league:

image 4

and then a concrete match:

image 5

Not bad right? 🙂 As you can see when it comes to sports events the configuration can be very detailed. Further we have even such a function that if we don't want to write ourselves, we can share on autopilot comments written by Arena journalists, unfortunately Polish language is not available 🙂 🙂

This feature allows Arena editors to post automatically

The next step is social media integration. We can link different social networks and stream comments sent by their users.

Options to link relationships with social media

We can manually select content from social media or publish it automatically according to the criteria we define, such as profiles, hashtags, keywords... There is even sentiment analysis and filtering here 🙂 For example, if you are a Barcelona fan and your blog focuses on that, you can select only positive comments about Barcelona and negative ones about the opposing team 🙂

The next stage is to enter details about the event. For sports events that are already in the Arena system, some of this information will be filled in automatically:

General description of live coverage

Note that there is an option to select from a list of languages. If we choose the Polish language (it is), then the interface of the published content on the blog will be in our native language.

Moving on, we have the settings for comments and chat. Comments can be turned on or off, the same with chat, although here we can also decide on its location:

Options to enable comments and chat within the live blog

In turn, the last step of configuring the event is monetisation. If we decide to display ads we can configure this here. The event is ready!

Code to be embedded on the page

We could already start uploading entries under the event, but we probably still want to put them on our site. We can copy the code generated in the summary and insert it where we want or we can use the plugin WordPress.

Step 2 - Embed the event on the WordPress blog

As you can guess, the plug-in can of course be found in the WordPress repository.

Plugin that integrates live blogging into your WordPress site

Once installed, the Gutenberg editor will be enhanced with an additional block for Arena events. Just add any page or entry and embed this block:

Gutenberg editor's block

We select a previously created event from the list and everything is ready for publication:

Embedded Gutenberg block

When we publish an event page/post on our blog, a preview of the event and even a countdown timer will appear. When, in our example, the match starts we can start blogging live 🙂 .

Live blog embedded on WordPress website

Of course, everything we will write and what visitors to the blog will read we will publish on the Arena site, this is where the command centre for events is. Our site will be where this content will be available to the public and where the activity of blog readers will be concentrated.

Live event entry management panel.


Arena is a very interesting tool for anyone who decides to cover live events in the form of posts on their blog. You can see that the opportunities for sports bloggers are particularly attractive here, but in practice any type of event can be covered and commented on using Arena.

If you have an upcoming event in mind that you could cover live, be sure to check out Arena's features. You can attract a good number of new readers to your blog this way. Good luck!

If you want to learn how to start blogging also take a look at the article "How to start a blog“.


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