With the ever-growing demand for video content, more and more online service providers are seeing the potential for their business. I recently shared with you information about video hostingand today we will stay on this topic and say a few words about the new service from Bunny.NET (formerly BunnyCDN).

I have been using Vimeo for a dozen or so years and I really like this video hosting option, especially because I use it a lot, but I also carefully look at competing offers that appear more and more often. Whether Bunny.NET Stream will turn out to be a better solution for me than Vimeo I cannot say at the moment. A few months of tests will surely bring the answer.


Originally BunnyCDNwhich, as the name suggested, was a service geared essentially solely towards providing CDNs. What set it apart, and continues to set it apart from many of its competitors, is great value for money. It's one of the more cost-effective CDNs and one of the better ones I've come across.

A few months ago the owners of the service announced that they were changing their name from BunnyCDN to Bunny.NET because they wanted to introduce many more services and therefore did not want to be pigeonholed as just a CDN operator. As they announced, they did, and recently a new service appeared in their portfolio called Stream.

Stream from Bunny.NET

Bunny.Net, designed with developers in mind and powered by Edge Storage and BunnyCDN, has packed all the important elements of the video post-production process such as transcoding, storage, video player and delivery into an incredibly simple but powerful service.

Bunny.NET video management

With Bunny Stream, you have full access to your videos, thumbnails and playlists, giving you complete control over your videos and how you organise them.

Bunny Stream can store your video files around the world (you decide where) and deliver them via a global CDN.

You can easily enable hotlink protection and token authentication. There's also MediaCage, a basic DRM system designed to stop most download attempts using browser plugins.

You only pay for the traffic generated and the space used by video files. In many cases, this is a very attractive form of billing because you actually pay for what you use, and if you combine this with BunnyNET's attractive prices, the new service may turn out to be one of the most economical.

Bunny.NET Stream and key settings

At the start you create a library (you can create many). You give it any name and choose the points in the world where you want to store your files. This way your files will be delivered faster to your customers living in different regions of the world.

Replication of films worldwide

In the next step you can basically already upload video files, as the default settings of the service are sufficient in most cases. However, if you need to configure additional settings you can do so very easily.

Player customisation

You can customise the player by deciding what components are available, what the main colour should be, the language (there is Polish) etc.

Video player controls

Customizing your player is literally just a few clicks away, so you should have no trouble at all. If you are a slightly more advanced user, you can insert your own stylesheets to have even more influence on the appearance of the player.


Here you can decide, among other things, in which resolutions the uploaded videos should be automatically generated. This is an important setting as it allows you to dynamically load the quality of the video according to the quality of the connection used by the person watching the video.

At home, I usually use the following resolutions:

Available resolutions for video

Embedding the film on the website

Just click on the video to open a window where you will find the necessary addresses and the code to embed the video on the page where you want to publish it.

Codes to be inserted on the page

Here you can also upload a subtitle file and change or insert your own thumbnail.


What I have written about above are just the basic - in most applications - settings you should pay attention to. In fact, the service has many more, so you will probably find some that may be important in your case as well. You'll even find tools to monetize your videos 🙂 .

The essence of this service is, above all, the speed with which films are loaded for viewers, because it is the viewer's comfort that is most important. BUnny.NET Stream handles this task perfectly.

I'm just waiting for the option to create chapters inside videos to be added and who knows if in a few months I won't switch from Vimeo to Bunny.NET Stream 🙂


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