30 March Shaun Andrews, interface designer WordPress has shared some exciting news. It is about the pattern catalogue, which you will read about in a moment.

Block patterns in Gutenberg you probably know. They appeared in 2020. There weren't many at the start, but as time went on, more slowly arrived. Even so, the choice could not and still cannot be said to be large. Practically few people use these models. Much better in this field are patterns provided by independent developers, for example, authors of the Kadence theme.

However, this paucity of available benchmarks may soon change.

An idea that emerged late last year from the WordPress development team seems to have hit the mark. The idea for template catalogue has met with enthusiastic support. It would be a base for viewing user-submitted patterns, with the ability to insert them into a page with a single click. It would work a bit like a repository of plugins and themes, except that the resources would include patterns.

Patterns will be displayed in a grid that can be sorted by category, which works well for thumbnails of different heights. Users can search the catalogue and sort the results by recommended, newest and most popular patterns.

specimen catalogue
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Users will be able to copy a single pattern to their clipboard when browsing the catalogue and paste it directly into the Gutenberg block editor.

Users will also add patterns to favourites and access them directly from the editor.

pattern copying

One of the most exciting aspects of this initiative is that anyone will be able to create and submit to the catalogue your own design without any special technical knowledge. Potential pattern authors could create them on WordPress.org using a hosted instance of the block editor.

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Once an author has published their pattern, and provided it has been accepted by a moderator (not much is known about this yet), they will be able to track information about the popularity of their work, such as how many people have added the patterns to their favourites.

He can also see what the status of his added patterns is and whether they are still awaiting verification.

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Andrews also wrote:

"This is a great opportunity for designers to contribute to the whole WordPress ecosystem without knowing how to write plugins or themes."

So all it takes is a skilled designer who can use the Gutenberg editor effectively and without a single line of code can share their work with others.

I don't know what your impressions are, but in my opinion it looks like a big leap and even more possibilities of building attractive websites even if someone has no artistic sense. From templates, and especially when there will be a huge number of them (very likely), it will be possible to create great-looking websites in no time.

There are still many unanswered questions, such as how to select 'recommended' patterns, how draft versions work, whether patterns can only contain basic Gutenberg blocks, how users will view and manage favourite patterns in the editor, who will approve patterns, how authors will be able to edit existing patterns.

You can find the latest information on the Upcoming catalogue of patterns at WordPress.org.

What do you think of the upcoming news? Write in the comments or on HelloWP.


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