Storing files in the cloud may be of different nature depending on individual needs. Despite the fact that the cloud is still associated by many with something insecure or even dangerous, in practice it is one of the safest forms of storing data online.

The cloud can be used in many ways, such as as an additional shared remote drive that you can hook up to several computers and mobile devices. You can use the cloud as a backup space for the computer you are working on or the websites in your care. It can also be a tool for securely sharing files with others.

What characterises a good cloud

Here are what I consider to be the three most important features:

Security - depends largely on whether and how the data sent to the cloud is encrypted. It is important that you feel secure and that measures are taken to ensure you have access control and data privacy. Properly encrypted data will be useless to the service provider or to hackers who would gain access to its resources.

Ease of access - When deciding on one cloud or another, it is important to consider how easy it will be to use the data stored on it. Are there mobile and desktop applications available?

Don't forget about speed either. The latter with any good Cloud service you're lucky to have at a high level, so little chance of you having problems because of it - unless you're in a place with poor connection quality yourself at the moment 🙂 .

Storage stability - Have you ever lost your smartphone, or experienced a situation in which your hard drive crashed and you lost all the data stored on it? Maybe your website was hacked and destroyed and you didn't have a copy to quickly restore it? Whether you lose your device or have any other incident, your data will not be lost if it is additionally stored in the cloud.

Below are my favourite cloud storage services that I use and recommend to you without hesitation.


pCloud is a great way to store and sync your files, such as photos, videos, music, documents and eventually web pages. You can store any file without worrying about its size or type. You can also share files, thanks to the convenient options associated with this.

pCloud website

What I like most about pCloud:

Data protection is under the protection of strict Swiss law! This is one of the things that attracts companies that care about the security and privacy of their own and their customers' data.

The Cloud is available on any device - You can navigate between pCloud for Web, pCloud Drive and pCloud for Mobile. With search, filter and bin options, it will be easy for you to manage your files.

If you want to use this cloud as a space for backups of your websiteYou need to look around for WordPress plugins that allow you to create backups and send them to this particular service. Such a plugin is for example WPvivid.

Prices are not exorbitant and it is worth noting that in addition to the standard subscription, it is possible to purchase access on a perpetual licence basis (lifetime offers).

Microsoft OneDrive

I use this service a bit on occasion, but I like it a lot 🙂 As I have Office 365, it also includes 1TB of Microsoft cloud space. It just begs to be used and so I do, mainly for copies of some of my websites.


As with pCloud, you have access to your files from a web browser, a mobile app and the OneDrive app built into Windows for syncing data between your computer and the cloud.

If you use Office 365 be sure to check how much OneDrive cloud space you have available. There may be no need to be interested in other alternatives 🙂 .

You can easily use Microsoft OneDrive as a place to store remote backups of your sites. If you have WordPress hosting accountYou don't even need to install any additional plugin for WordPress (the fewer the better) to upload a copy of your site to the cloud every day. If you don't have this hosting, the plugin WPvivid and many others will give you the ability to connect to the Microsoft Cloud.


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