Content marketing is extremely important for any SEO, primarily because it has an extremely wide range of applications as an effective support for SEO efforts. Although content marketing has many values, in order for it to work as expected, it is important not only to develop it correctly, but also to implement it. In this case, there is no room for error, and any wrong decision can significantly lower the position of a given website.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all the content that is placed not only on websites, but also on blogs, online shops or social media channels, which have been extremely popular recently. It is worth knowing that these contents do not refer only to the written word. Content marketing also includes iconographics, various types of interactive materials or video recordings. However, content marketing is a very dynamic field, which is constantly expanding and developing, so it is no wonder that its scope is gradually becoming wider and wider. Until recently, content marketing referred almost exclusively to the promotion of goods or services, or widely understood PR activities. Currently, content marketing is largely based on SEO, and at the same time it is one of the most important elements of optimisation.

Content Marketing

How does content marketing translate into effective SEO optimisation?

On websites, the word writing is mainly used to place keywords, which to a greater or lesser extent must relate to the content contained in the domain, which will be typed by Internet users in the search engine. Thanks to positioning (in combination with placing phrases in the texts on the page) the domain appears higher in search results, and thus there is a greater probability that it will be visited by a wide group of Internet users. Keywords in positioning are extremely important, so the person dealing with their selection must approach the subject with great care and patience. Choosing ill-considered and very random keyword phrases will not only not bring the expected effect, but also make all the effort put into positioning to be wasted time. Descriptions or articles are also ideal places to place redirecting links, provided, however, that they are placed naturally in the content. Otherwise, not only will they not encourage people to read what is behind them, but there is also a high probability that they will be considered spam by search engine robots, with the result that their content marketing will be considered to be of the lowest quality, almost completely worthless. This, in turn, leads to a different situation than intended - the position of the website in the search engine will be much lower than expected, and thus to achieve a completely opposite effect than expected.

Why is it so important to prepare a proper content marketing strategy?

Content marketing content is extremely important for SEO, therefore the issue should be approached with great care in order to avoid certain mistakes that could hinder the achievement of the intended goal. However, in order for the content to effectively support SEO activities, it should be based on a proper strategy. Unfortunately, it very often contains mistakes, due to which SEO is not effective as it could be expected. The most common mistakes relate to:

  • the inclusion on the website of texts which in no way meet the needs and expectations of customers,
  • lack of coherent and precise communication,
  • lack of regularity in the publication of content,
  • paying too much attention to trendy and popular things, which often do not correspond to the specifics of the site,
  • lack of appropriate knowledge and skills among people responsible for preparing and implementing content marketing tasks.

Content marketing is one of the most effective tools for SEO, provided, however, that it is developed and implemented flawlessly, with a strong understanding of customer needs and expectations.


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