Elementor is currently the most popular plugin for WordPress, which is able to transform it into a creator of attractive content in an instant without the need to manually code and style page objects. In its free version, it allows you to create content for pages, posts and other content containers you may create.

In turn Elementor PROThe free version extends the free version and transforms your website into an extremely flexible page builder, with which you can not only arrange the content, but also create the entire layout from header to footer!

Elementor PRO - what it adds

Usually beginners pay attention to the additional widgets Elementor will be enhanced with. However, this is not really the key. Why? If you just want to add a bunch of widgets you can just as well install other extensions that will extend the free Elementor in this field. You can find some of them in this article "10 additions for Elementor" or "Essential Addons for Elementor“.

In fact, the power of the Elementor PRO lies elsewhere. But before I get into the key capabilities I invite you to watch an extract from the Elementora PRO coursewhere we look at the differences between the free and paid versions.

Based on the differences alone, it is clear that the PRO version allows you to enter a much higher level.

Elementor Pro key features

I'm skipping the widgets and many other features of Elementor PRO, and will basically focus on the three most relevant from my point of view.

Theme Builder

Elementor Pro allows you to be completely independent of your theme. In fact, many themes impose a more or less rigid framework for interfering with the appearance of e.g. header, footer or layout for archives, or even pages or entries. If these restrictions start to bother you Elementor PRO comes to the rescue.

Theme Builder will allow you to create custom headers, footers, templates for posts, pages, archives, search results pages and much more.

I used the plural because you can create as many headers, footers and other templates as your heart desires, you decide, in which areas of the site they should appear! For example, if you run a news site and you have many different sections with articles, e.g. Sport, Culture, etc... there is nothing to prevent a different headline for Sport and its articles, a different one for Culture, etc...

Popup Builder

A website, especially if it is commercial in nature usually has one main objective. This goal is to attract customers, increase sales, etc. Believe me, it is not easy at all to convert the traffic to customers.

Marketers use a variety of techniques and tools to increase conversions on a website or shop. One of these is popups, which catch the attention of site visitors and tell them what else they can find interesting, what they can get in return for signing up to a mailing list, or what special offers they can take advantage of.

Popups are one of the favourite tools of this type because their effectiveness can be extremely high.

Elementor Pro offers you such a tool. You can instantly create attractive popups that can be displayed in a variety of forms and in different locations on the page. These can include subtle bars at the top or bottom of the browser window, pop-ups that slide out from the side of the page, or aggressively attacking messages even as full-screen windows.

An extensive system of conditions allows you to control on which pages/subpages one or another popup is to be displayed, what triggers it, e.g. the time a given person spends on the website, where they found us from, how many times they visit us and many others.

A well-planned and implemented campaign using popups will allow you to effectively increase the number of subscribers if your goal is to build mailing lists, for example, and customers when you focus on sales. Ideally, you should combine both 🙂 .

Dynamic content

This functionality available in Elementor PRO allows you to create highly engaging content using custom fields and Theme Builder.

WordPress fundamentally offers two types of content: Entries and Pages. However, without a problem further containers can be addedFor example, a separate content type for a portfolio if you want to prepare it in a unique way, for real estate (this particular example can be found in the Elementor PRO course) and many others that come to mind.

Creating an additional content type is not complicated. You can see how to do something like this in the next extract from the Elementor PRO course.

After creating an additional content type, you add specific fields and then using Elementor PRO and its dynamic content you create awesome templates for it. This will make your website even more attractive.

It's all just clickable! There is no need to interfere with the theme code and you don't need to be an IT professional to extend WordPress with any complex content containers and create unique templates for them.

Elementor PRO course

Elementor Pro course It is based on my observations and conversations with students and clients. I have noticed that many of these people have decided to buy Elementor PRO but are not using its potential. They simply do not know how to do this.

Personally, I do not see the point of investing in something that is later used to a small extent. That is why I have created this course, which will help anyone who decides to build their website using this tool to master it and implement solutions that will help them to achieve their business goals more effectively.

The course consists of several sections. I discuss Elementor PRO widgets and ways of using them. Theme Builder and Popup Builderuntil finally we create our own type of content (Real Estate), own fields i create a page displaying a new type of content using dynamic content.

If you already have Elementor Pro but feel you are not getting the most out of it, this course has been designed with you in mind. On the other hand, if you're planning on buying it, you don't have to worry about getting to grips with it either.

You can find the course on poznajWP.pl, and below is a short introduction to this course. You are welcome 🙂 .


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