Working with the Page Builder is so easy that I might as well skip this step. If you look through the presentations of the templates' design, you will quickly grasp how to work with this tool. What I would like to cover in this step is literally a few sentences about editing the content and then a bit about general configuration.

Editing the appearance and content

I assume you have found a template that fits what you are planning to run. If not, choose the one closest to your expectations and then change it, transforming the theme into the one you have in mind. The images on the templates are chosen by default to match one or another theme, but you can also choose a theme for a car service, change the images, change the colour scheme and create a website for a dentist's surgery on its basis.

Take a look at our example. I've chosen a climbing theme that looks like this by default:


While editing the look, I changed a few elements. I replaced the photo in the header, changed the colour scheme and moved the red text object to the left side. I also added a call to action button. The result of this simple procedure was a page not about climbing but encouraging people to go on trips in Africa. Same base theme, but a few changes completely changed its purpose.


You can do exactly the same with any template in the designer, so I'll say it again. Don't pay attention to photos, layout etc... Choose something that is closest to your taste and then change photos, content, colours and you will get something completely new.

Editing the content itself, as you may have seen in the video on the previous page, is double-clicking on the text and making changes. Simple as that.

editing of the content

It is such a simple operation that I don't see much point in elaborating on it. If you still have difficulties, watch some of the presentations available in the wizard I wrote about in the previous step and everything should become clear right away.

SEO optimisation

Every website should be properly optimised in terms of SEO in order to have a better chance of getting higher results in the search engine by jumping over competitors' websites that do not pay attention to this issue.

The wizard gives you the opportunity to introduce such optimisation for each page and subpage of the website. Select SEO options from the settings menu:


Then select any page/subpage and enter its title and meta description. You can leave the keywords field blank as it is not taken into account by Google. Additionally, you can specify the so-called friendly URL for a given subpage. In the case of the main page, you can omit it, but for subpages, choose such address for each subpage to best describe the content. Use the most important phrase for the subpage, e.g. "safari-namibia" etc. Don't use spaces, hyphens instead and don't use Polish characters.


As you can see, there is also space for an image. If you add an image here, it will be displayed e.g. when the page is shared e.g. on Facebook.

Optimisation for mobile devices


Today it is a necessity, so when building a website you cannot ignore this aspect. For each type of device you can determine the position of individual elements so that the presentation of the site, for example on smartphones, is the most attractive and possibly comfortable for your customers, readers. For example, you click on the "Phone" icon - you can see it in the above screenshot of a fragment of the wizard toolbar. As a result, the content of what you have created so far will be scaled accordingly, but as you can see on our example, the arrangement of individual elements does not look good and you need to sort it out.


Just grab individual objects with the mouse and arrange them so that they look correct. This will not affect the distribution of content on the desktop version with which we worked a while ago. A few mouse moves and you are done.


This is basically enough to get you started. Choose a template, customise its appearance, insert your own content, optimise for SEO and mobile devices. You will learn the rest of the wizard settings while working with this software. I wish you the best website. You can play with everything I write about in the free demo version available under the button below.