The two people who launched Motif Blocks about 2 years ago, i.e. Sergiu Radu and Andrei Glingeanu, were strongly surprised by how quickly their business grew during the global pandemic and, most importantly, without any investment in marketing 🙂

Blocksy is at the time of writing this article active on more than 20,000 WordPress sites, and its commercial version, launched in October 2020 (a month by Kadence), has grown to such an extent that the two founders are now working on the project full-time.

Apart from unintentionally getting a few mentions on some blogs and YouTube, Radu said they did nothing to market the theme.New users were mostly referrals.

Three months ago they hired two additional team members to help support and manage the Facebook community. It's hard to do this alone or even with two people when the community has grown to over 2,000 FB group members and there are conversations going on all the time.

Radu said he believes that support has been the most important factor in positively influencing the development of the theme. They offer support to both users of the free version and those who choose to pay for Blocks Pro. Simply put, support is open to anyone who uses the theme. This is rare, so it's not surprising that the theme grew in popularity so quickly and didn't require an investment in marketing. People quickly became brand ambassadors themselves, this encouraged others to use the theme.

Yes, we could also mention the start pages, but in my opinion this is no longer a factor distinguishing Blocks from other competitors such as Kadence, not to mention Astra, where the start pages are already plentiful (see Best free WordPress templates).

Over the past month, the Blocksy team has released three new landing pages, bringing the total number to 10 (twice as many as last year). Based on the Gutenberg block editor, they are designed to showcase Blocksy's ability to customise and manage custom post types. They are recorded using Meta Box.

10 landing pages may seem like a sizable base to some and very modest to others. However, it should be remembered that this is a young theme and needs time to gain momentum in this area. Astra, which has been on the market longer currently offers over 150 landing pages.

The team plans to release 3-4 more landing pages in the near future that will target a variety of audiences: bloggers, agencies, lawyers, weddings and bands.

Blocksy developers also want to make it easier to create landing pages.

"At the moment it is very difficult to create landing pages for Blocks. Almost all Gutenberg plugins don't have options for design or anything else we might need to create a nice landing page. So we felt very limited and thought: why not create our own set of blocks that meet all our needs?"


Blocksy currently uses blocks Stackable to create demo pages. But it will be able to move to using only its own set of blocks. The team plans to start building its own set of Gutenberg blocks after the next update, starting with a free version and then a pro version with more advanced blocks.

The theme is great, I must say. I myself like to use it on various sites. Very fast, well optimized and well written. If blocks will appear as well, that will surely be another argument "for", because as you may know Kadence also launched thanks to the fact that they released their own blocks for Gutenberg. We'll live, we'll see 🙂 .

Yes, you can say that the lack of Blocksy blocks is nothing terrible, because you can install blocks created by Kadence or other developers and they should work. However, remember that the less diversification in this field the better. Simply a theme and extensions created and developed by the same team gives you more stability and less chance of conflicts. If you build a site and choose plugins without thinking, then such a site may generate more problems for you in the future.

Motif Blocks you can download from the repository WordPress and if you are interested in the PRO version you can find it at project website.


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