Practically every day I get the question: "I want to make a website that I can make money from". That's right. Earning on the Internet. The fact that it is possible is nothing new, but not everyone is aware of what it entails, how much work needs to be put into it or which form of earning to choose.

If you provide services, for example, you probably want to launch a website through which to offer those services. This is probably the most common way of using the web to generate a new source of income.

In turn, if you know how to set up an online shop If you have a clear idea for it, you know very well that there will be certain products that someone can order, and you will send him the goods in response. This is also a very popular form of earning money on the Internet, which is hardly surprising, because the ecommerce market is growing rapidly all the time and you can really do a lot - if you know how. Very often people write to me who want to earn on advertising. This is also possible, but usually the person who asks me about it is not aware of how much work and time is involved in creating a site that will be able to sensibly generate income. In order to make decent money from advertising, you must first of all have a website with a lot of traffic. It may take several years of systematic work to achieve this.

Making money online - is it easy?

The basic thing you need to know is that in order to make money on the Internet, whether you are making money from services, selling goods, advertising, affiliation or anything else, it is not enough just to make a website. It's not like you're going to put up a shop on WordPress, and it's going to be followed immediately by people buying, clicking on ads and leaving their money with you. If that were the case we would all be very rich. The reality is much more complicated than that and what's worse is that the longer you put off making a decision the harder it will become. Hundreds of new sites are springing up every day with exactly the same aim, and that means nothing but it's getting harder and harder to reach your customer. The tighter it gets and the more choice the customer has, the harder you have to compete for their attention by trying to present yourself as the one worth buying from.

Why do you think you can order many things online much cheaper than in traditional offline shops?

This is because with a few clicks of the mouse the customer is able to instantly find many similar offers. Many online shops lower their prices to absurd levels in order to buy from them and not from the website "next door". In fact, this is great for the customer, but for us as owners of websites on which we want to earn money, it turns out to be problematic. Shops can give such low margins on their products that many others are not able to compete with them on price. In such a situation the only thing left is to fight for the quality of service, products, service, etc... or to use skilful marketing, which will make the client buy from you at a higher price, because he will trust you and will think that he is taking less risk with you than with your competitors.

The topic is very broad, while in this article I would like to suggest you some ways to make money on the Internet. Exactly three ways to earn money on the Internet, which are the most popular.

Online shop

I won't get into the method you choose to launch your online shop, this text isn't about that. We will touch on completely different areas that are just as important if not more so, and this is where you should start.

If you are a manufacturer, this can be a great differentiator that you can capitalise on - you have something that others don't have. Even if your products are similar to your competitors, it will be much easier for you to present them as unique. It's a powerful weapon. However, most shops use commodities that are widely available, e.g. from wholesalers, and this means that you have exactly the same product that can be found on many other websites. If you tell about it in a different way than the others, if you present it differently than your competitors, the chances of sales increase significantly. However, this requires commitment.

In practice, it looks like the shop owner takes data from the wholesaler and inserts it into his shop on the copy > paste basis - because it is fast and convenient. Wholesalers make it much easier, because they provide CSV or XML files with a database of their products. In the shop you can import them by updating stock levels, prices, removing products which are no longer available and automatically adding new products. It can be automated quite strongly and we have a kind of self-player with which we do not have to do much, which I highly recommend. But the titles, descriptions... everything is 1:1, and you are not the only client of the wholesaler, which means that there are already many shops on the web with the same products, descriptions, photos... and probably only the price differs. If you act in such a way it will be easier to manage your shop, but it will be much more difficult to gain organic traffic from search engine. Why? The product does not bring anything new. The customer will find the same description and pictures on many other websites. And if he sees the same thing here and there, what will make him choose the shop? The price, of course. Therefore, if you want to make money on a shop operated in such a way, try to have good descriptions, if you can even take your own photos. Not only will you show the same product in a different light, which may impress a potential customer, but you will also facilitate your way to higher positions in Google search results. The search engine doesn't like duplicates and loves unique content. Of course this requires work, because while a shop with a few dozen products can be handled quite efficiently, a larger one with thousands of products is quite a challenge. Probably you cannot do without hiring copywriters. This means additional costs, but such expenditure has a chance to pay for itself even after just a few months.


Shops run on a dropshipping model are becoming increasingly popular. It consists in the fact that you do not have to invest in goods, you do not even have to send them to the customer. You collect orders through your shop and pass them on to a wholesaler or manufacturer, who then takes care of the rest of the logistics involved in delivering the product to the customer. This model is great in many respects, but it also has some drawbacks. For example, if you want to cooperate with several wholesalers in this model within one shop, there are problems with shipping costs. If a customer orders two products, one from a wholesaler X and the other from a wholesaler Y, he has to cover the cost of two shipments. Quite a significant complication. Therefore, the owners of such shops usually look for wholesalers offering a wide assortment in order to ensure a sufficiently large product base and not to connect more wholesalers to the shop.

Shop a little differently and for free

If you are a graphic designer or a programmer creating, let's say, extensions for WordPress, you can easily use sales platforms where you place your product for free, and your only cost is the commission the platform owner cuts off from each sale. A similar model is used by e.g. Allegro (although here you have to pay just for listing a product), DaWanda, EnvatoMarket or Printed T-Shirts from PrintLander. This is the cheapest way to start selling online. Many people are able to use these tools so well that they easily make a living from it.

Affiliate programmes

This is another very popular way to earn money on the Internet. There are more and more affiliate networks, and shop owners and companies providing various services looking for new clients enter such networks giving others the opportunity to earn money "for recommendations". This form of earning is interesting in that it does not require having your own website. However, if it is well run and can boast of high traffic it makes the task much easier. However, you can successfully use other channels, mainly social media. You can earn in several different ways: for the number of clicks on the link, for the number of acquired contacts, so called leads, or for real sales, i.e. in a situation when someone entering the online shop through your link makes a purchase.

There are people who successfully make a living solely from affiliate activities. The highest earnings can be achieved by promoting financial services in this way - even up to several hundred PLN from a signed agreement. Also dietary supplements, especially for athletes, can turn out to be quite a profitable idea. Commissions here reach even 40% so quite a lot. The two most popular systems offering this type of product are:

There are more, but these two are probably the most concrete.

In practice you can find affiliate programmes in most industries. Some are large networks others smaller, but also offering interesting opportunities and potential such as recommending a t-shirt creator allowing you to create personalised products. See details on the website: T-Shirt Affiliate Program

It is also popular to make money by recommending services from the IT sector, e.g. hosting. This type of affiliate programs are very popular for the reason that very often you earn not only for a single purchase of a recommended service or product, but you also receive a commission when the service recommended by you is renewed. For example, thanks to you someone bought a hosting account for 300 PLN net / year. You receive for this, let's say, 60 PLN. However, if after a year the same service is renewed for another one, you will get 60 PLN from it again. In the situation when the client will maintain the service for 5 years, only from this one recommendation you will earn the total of 300 PLN. 

It can be even better, because if you will recommend premium hosting services, where costs are much higher, e.g. at the level of 250 PLN per month, then every month you will receive from one service 50 PLN, which in a year will give you 600 PLN. If during the year you will get at least 20 customers for such a service, the bill is simple - every month you get 1000 zł.

At JZS you can benefit from the Affiliate Program by recommending hosting services both the classic ones and those dedicated to more demanding users: WordPress Premium. Simply register at the address: and activate the Affiliate Programme, where you will find links and graphic banners to insert on your website.

It's also a cool way to reduce or even eliminate the cost of maintaining your own hosting service. Because even if you don't get heavily involved in promoting these services and only get an occasional referral, after a while you'll still generate enough income to cover the cost of maintaining hosting and a domain for your own site. 

Is making money on PP easy?

Yes and no. It all depends on what your idea is for promoting the products of a given affiliate programme. If you have a well read blog, a website with significant traffic or a large social media following, it will undoubtedly be much easier for you to reach the right target group. However, you need to know the products you are recommending in order to be able to actually get your audience interested in them. You need to be credible and your activities should be solidly planned. Shooting links from affiliate programs blindly usually brings poor results.

Earning from Advertising

As I mentioned at the beginning, this form of earning probably comes most often to the mind of a person who is launching their site for the first time. "I'll make money on ads and conquer the whole world". Unfortunately, disappointment usually comes quickly, when it turns out after the first month of activity that this income oscillates at the level of 50 cents.

You have a number of networks that allow you to broadcast ads that you can earn from, such as the aforementioned affiliate programs, but the most popular advertising network is GoogleAdsense. You earn from a click on an ad on your website, and that earnings is usually a few or a dozen pennies. How many people click on your ads? Answer yourself how often you do it. The conversion rate may be as low as 1-2%, which means that one or two people in a hundred who visit your website will decide to click on your ad. Multiply it and think how much traffic you need to have to earn for example 100 PLN per month. If we assume that you have 10 cents per click, the calculation is simple: 100 visits will generate you 10 cents, 1000 visits 1 zł, 10 000 visits 10 zł, 100 000 visits 100 zł etc. Of course, do not take this calculation literally. Depending on the subject of your website, these earnings may be higher. I only want you to realise that you will not earn on ads if there is not enough traffic on the website. Believe me, it is not easy to obtain such traffic.

Of course, there are many other ways to make money online, but the ones mentioned above are the most popular and also relatively easy to implement. Regardless of the form of activity, everything you do must be thought out, calculated and properly planned. Somewhat perversely, the illustration for this article is this and not another. In reality you need to work hard, but a good plan and its implementation can make the passive income generated by the Internet give you a lot of free time in the future.


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    One of the Cash in Pills affiliate programmes mentioned no longer exists.

    1. Why do you think that? As far as I can see the programme is still running and doing well.

    1. I wouldn't exaggerate with this ease 🙂 It is easy to write and say, but to earn something sensible on PP you need to work hard. Yes, if you do it right, it will become easier over time, and the implemented mechanisms, or at least some of them, will work on their own. Nevertheless the start is not as easy as it is painted in the colourful descriptions on the Affiliate Programs' websites. On the other hand if it was really that easy we would all be lying on the beach right now 😀 .
      But it is worth trying your hand. Many people make a good living from such programmes, so it definitely works. You just need to plan your strategy well and put it into practice.

    2. says:

      Yes, it is quite easy to make money today, but this will certainly come to an end in time

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