Ecology is beginning to penetrate various branches of the economy. Alternative solutions are being sought to make various processes safer for the environment. You can also act more ecologically in online shops. How? For example by changing the packaging to products that are fully nature-friendly.

What is worth knowing about ecological packaging? What is the best packaging for goods ordered in online shops? We will tell you about it below.

Safe and ecological packaging - possible

It is difficult to run an online shop without using packaging on a daily basis. After all, every product shipped to a customer needs to be adequately protected to ensure that it arrives in optimum condition. Packaging materials protect against dirt and other mechanical damage, including scratching, crushing or total destruction. In addition, packaging fulfils an important informational and marketing role. So can all these practical considerations go hand in hand with ecology?

Yes, of course. However, suitable packaging materials must be used which do not have a negative impact on the environment, for example by increasing the amount of packaging waste going to landfill.

Although many companies still use plastics (various types of film) in the main, public awareness is growing every month. More and more entrepreneurs are starting to care about what their products are packaged in. This also changes the face of online shops and every parcel sent to a customer.

Ecological packaging

Types of environmental packaging

If you are looking for nature-friendly packaging materials, choose biodegradable or recyclable products.

More and more often one can find bio bags and fillers, easily degradable in the environment, without negative impact on the condition of our planet. The most well-known product of this type is skropak, available, among others, on the website: It is made exclusively from ingredients of plant origin. It takes the form of small granules which are poured into the packaging. They fill the box tightly and protect even the most fragile items during transport.

In addition to such materials, it is worth choosing raw materials that can be easily reused. Recently, there has been a return to paper and cardboard packaging, usually in an uncoloured version. They are even being used to protect premium goods. Paper and cardboard are fully recyclable. As a result, a significant amount of packaging waste can easily be recovered to be transformed into new boxes or sheets of cardboard.

Thinking big when it comes to packaging - additional packaging accessories

When packing parcels for e-commerce customers, it is worth taking care of all the details. Not only the materials themselves should be ecological. It is also worth adjusting the number of packaging layers and securing parcels with appropriate adhesives or tapes. It is best to use natural products, such as solvent packaging tapes. Colourful prints and heavily processed materials should also be limited. This minimises the negative impact of packaging materials on nature.

Why is this so important? First of all, of course, we care for the good of nature - we reduce the amount of waste and pollution that ends up in the environment. At the same time, we manage the available raw materials better, which translates into economic benefits for every business, even those conducted in the virtual world.


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