Elementor PRO in its latest release 2.7 will bring us a brand new widget for embedding photo galleries. This is not all the new features, but it is certainly an addition that many people have been waiting for.

In practice, if you upgrade or expand the free edition of this builder to the PRO version, you will have two gallery widgets available. One standard one, the one that is currently available in the free version of Elementor, the other completely new one that only users of the paid version will be able to use.

New gallery widget in Elementor PRO

The difference between one version of the widget and the other is colossal, not only in terms of the look of the embedded gallery, but also in its capabilities. You can create a single gallery or a gallery divided into sections, each containing different images. See how the new Elementor widget behaves in real life. In the video below we take a closer look at the new widget.

You may have used additional extensions for Elementor to implement interesting looking galleries, but now you won't need to. The fewer plugins the better.

Dynamic retrieval of numerical values

Sounds a bit convoluted, doesn't it? But in reality, once you understand how dynamic fields work in Elementor, it won't cause you much trouble, and on the contrary, it will allow you to create more and more advanced pages in a comfortable way. The topic of dynamic fields is covered in detail in the Elementor PRO course which you can find here: https://poznajwp.pl/kurs/elementor-pro/

So apart from the gallery widget, the new version of the builder will also bring a few other new features. For me personally, the most awaited one is the mentioned possibility to use dynamic fields with numeric values. Until now it was possible to implement dynamics, but only for text fields. This change is a significant step, which will certainly result in further innovations. They will provide you with tools to create advanced, interactive websites without having to type even a single line of code.

At the start, you will be able to use the new option for widgets such as price tags, ratings (stars), progress bars, sliders or counters.

You will use the custom field keys and dynamically display the avatar

In the new version, it will be possible to pull dynamic data using custom fields and their keys, and there will also be an option for the theme builder to display users' profile pictures in a dynamic way. So if you want to create a custom layout for a user profile subpage in Elementor, a dynamically displayed avatar will definitely be in your area of interest.

Good news for MailChimp and MailerLite users

If you're using MailChimp's mailing system, you'll also be happy to know that the new Elementor PRO release introduces some very important changes from a marketing perspective. Namely, the integration of mailing list sign-up forms will be extended with the option to tag subscribers. This will allow you to run your mailing campaigns more effectively.

In turn, MailerLite users will be able to provide subscribers with the option to quickly return to the mailing list.

What else?

There will be the ability to display full article content on archive pages designed with Theme Builder, as well as a mini-basket for WooCommerce-based shop owners. In addition, Elementor PRO 2.7 includes over 40 improvements and fixes.

For more information, please visit the website: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9137

If you are not yet using Elementor PRO, but see the potential for developing your website or shop, take a look here: https://skocz.do/elementor

I also invite you to the Elemntor PRO course I mentioned above. As a reminder, the link:


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  1. Janusz Kamiński says:

    Great development of this creator.
    We also have quite a few additional plugins for it. They add quite a few widgets. 🙂

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