Elementor 2.6 in its free version does not bring with it revolutionary changes, but they are undoubtedly among the useful ones.

New icon library

The first and at the same time the most important change is a complete overhaul of the icon library, which is currently based on Font Awesome version 5.

At last we lived to see a convenient database of icons when we want to use them on our website. It is worth using them because they are lighter than classic graphic icons in such formats as png, jpg or gif, which translates into better performance of the website and may contribute to its better SEO optimisation.

What has it been like so far? Well, yes:

Icon library in Elementor 2.5

Finding an interesting icon and scrolling through the list more than once drove me crazy. All the more I am glad to see a completely different, incomparably more convenient interface. See for yourself and compare what a leap in quality we are talking about:

Elementor 2.6 and the new icon library

The library is quite big and in most cases sufficient, but I can already announce that users of Elementor PRO version https://skocz.do/elementor will also soon receive an update to version 2.6, which will enable integration with the commercial version of Font Awesome. In practice, this means an increase in the number of icons in the library from a few hundred to over 5300+. Those who are not interested in the paid version of Font Awesome will also be able to add icons from several other services.

Vector graphics

The second and last addition in the new version of Elementor is possibility to use vector graphics (SVG format). As with the standard icons from the library, this type of graphic is resistant to stretching, crushing and any rubbing.

No matter how you scale such graphics, they will always retain their original quality and the weight will not be affected.


Other changes in the film

That is not all as far as novelties are concerned, although others are more cosmetic. That is why I will not describe them. If you are interested in all the news, watch the video below.

And finally, a question 🙂 What do you think about the news that Elementor 2.6 has served us? Write in the comments below.


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  1. Janusz Kamiński says:

    Elementor is on the right a great editor. In my opinion it's the best 😉

  2. krystynabozenna says:

    I am more and more inclined towards the PRO version, it offers a lot of possibilities, as I read here ...

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