On 9 September, a new version of Elementor appeared in the WordPress repository, numbered 2.7. Although it was withdrawn for a few hours the next day (probably due to a bug, I didn't go into it), shortly afterwards it came back with the fixes and number 2.7.1.

What's new? Basically, you can see everything in the video below from the JZS YouTube channel 🙂

Slideshow in the background

Until now, we could put a single image, a YouTube video or a video uploaded locally from our own server in the background. One of the new features of the free version of Elementor is the ability to create a slideshow in the background of a given object. This means that we can now add not one but several images to the background of e.g. section X (just don't overdo it). Here is an example with you need photos in the background.

Slideshow in the background

To achieve the above effect, simply go to the Style > Background tab in section edit mode and select the "Background Slideshow" option:

where to find the background slideshow

Then select the images you want to appear, set the display time, transition time, transition type, etc... Save your changes and you're done.

I'm glad that this functionality is now available in the free version of Elementor, because until now when we wanted to create a similar show we could only do it using the "Slides" widget, but there are many situations when this can be simplified and thus the code of the website can be expanded less.

Background video from Vimeo

I am probably most happy with this option. I have been using Vimeo for years and it is where I upload my private videos and, above all, the materials from the courses I run. The reason is banally simple. On Vimeo the videos I publish are not filled with ads.

But coming back to Elementor 2.7, as I mentioned above, up until now we could insert videos either from YouTube or from our own server in the background. Now we can also insert videos from Vimeo in the background!

Background videos from Vimeo


Another new feature is the expanded separator widget. Noteworthy is the fact that we can now also put text or an icon in it, which I missed immensely.


If we use Elementora PRO dynamic content can also be used.


And these are basically the main additions that have appeared in the new release of the free version of Elementor. They may not be spectacular, but in the hands of creative people they can certainly increase the attractiveness of the website, as well as conversions.

Soon on https://poznajwp.pl There will be a standalone Elementor course. There is already a course on Elementor PRO, I talk a lot about Elementor free on the Course WordPress for beginnersBut you ask if there will be an independent Elementor course in its free version. There will be, and very soon 🙂 .


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