Elementor Pro In the latest version, there are mainly two new features: Lottie Animations i Multi Step Forms. I made a video about Lottie's animation on my YouTube channel some time ago, but at the time I didn't yet know that the rendering capability would come natively in Elementor. Here's a video for all of you who don't have Elementor PRO and don't plan on buying it yet, but would like to use this type of animation in it.

But now we are looking at the new capabilities of Elementor PRO. In the first video you can see how the new capabilities behave.

Lottie Animations

Let's perhaps start with what Lottie animations are. In the simplest terms, they are animations that can be exported from Adobe Affter Effects to JSON format, which can be rendered by appropriate libraries and displayed on our site as moving images. Example:

A popular place where you can find quite a large database of such animations is the website LottieFiles. All you have to do is register to receive the downloadable json files. After that, all that's left is to take advantage of the capabilities of the new version of Elementor PRO. But one step at a time.

The first thing you need to do to embed the animation on the page is to use the new Lottie widget.

Elementora PRO Lottie widget

The next step is to upload the json file you downloaded earlier, or choose one that previously went into the WordPress media library. If you don't want to load the file directly from your site you can also enter the URL of the file.

Select the source of the json file

In addition, here you also have the possibility to adjust the alignment of the embedded animation, add its signature, as well as the URL where the user is referred to after clicking on the animation. However, you have the most configuration options by expanding the Settings tab:

Additional lottie widget settings

Triggers allow you to decide the conditions that must occur for the animation to start. Viewport, OnClick, OnHover and Scroll allow you to do a lot in this field. In the video above you can see how the scroll trigger behaves. When you scroll the page the animation continues, when you stop it also freezes. It's fun 🙂 - and it's a lot of fun.

You can loop an animation if you want it to continue indefinitely or to loop only a certain number of times. The animation I posted above has just such an endless active loop, so it never ends.

Going further, you also have the option to run the animation from the back, which probably won't be used often, but imaginative designers will certainly make use of this option more than once, not twice 🙂

This type of animation is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Using animated gifs especially if you care about quality involves uploading heavy files. Using Lottie, animations are not only of great quality and scalable, but also much lighter.

If you don't have Elementor PRO, don't worry because you can also easily embed these types of animations in the free version. For this you need to install an additional plugin. An example can be found in the video below: 

Multi Step Forms

I have been waiting for this feature for a long time. I was always annoyed when in order to run a form with a few steps I had to look for extensions that offer this possibility. From now on this will no longer be necessary as Elementor PRO will allow you to build forms consisting of any number of steps.

You are using a standard form widget and all you need to do is add an extra field of the type "Step".

Form widget

Any other fields you include below will be visible in the next step, and you can add multiple steps. This is especially useful if the form is quite large and can be daunting to fill in. If you break it into several smaller steps it will subconsciously become more user-friendly. Of course it doesn't make much sense if you add a contact form with 3 fields, but if you have more fields, e.g. a dozen or so, then using steps may have a positive influence on the conversion rate, i.e. how many people will eventually decide to fill it out.

Now all that remains is to wait for the next feature, namely the conditions. I am still missing this.


When I started to think longer, I don't know which new feature I'm more excited about. I think I use lottie animations on my pages more often than complex forms, but I'll probably use those in my campaigns more than once too.

What's important to me though, and I think to most site owners running on WordPress too, is the ability to set aside more plugins. With each successive version of Elementor it becomes more and more versatile. So keep it up 🙂 .

If you are still wondering about the Elementor PRO I think there is more and more reason to finally decide to buy it. You can find information at https://skocz.do/elementor

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