I have already mentioned this at MeetWPbut I will also write on JZS, because some of my students regularly look at the blog here, which makes me very happy 🙂 .

Elementor PRO is an online course, currently consisting of 44 lessons and 3 extensions, i.e. almost 50 video lessons where we discuss this tool from left and right, from top to bottom 🙂

Recently I've been working on updates to the WordPress Course, and now it's time for Elementor with parallel work on the lessons course for dynamic pageswhich is still at a reduced price.

Today I've published updates to two introductory lessons on Elementor PRO. The first is about the differences between the two versions of Elementor and the second is a discussion of settings with an emphasis on those that appear in the PRO version, including custom fonts, custom icons and custom code. I show step by step what they are used for and how to use them practically. I would like to add that the previous lesson lasted only 14 minutes, while the new one is 40 minutes long. However, there is no water under the bridge, but rather specifics and information about all that has appeared in Elemetor PRO since the last recording. As you can infer from the times, a few things have arrived and a few things are waiting at the threshold, such as DOM optimisation or landing page optimisation. I would like to invite all course participants to check out the new lessons on PoznajWP (see preview below) and if you are a person who just wants to get to know the possibilities of Elementor PRO I invite you to the course:

The current course update, as I mentioned, focuses on the new features that have appeared recently. There are a few new settings, a few widgets, and any minute now there will be more news? Do you know what?

Payments in Elementor PRO

There will be the ability to integrate Elementor PRO forms with PayPal, so you will be able to accept payments for a product, service or donations. I think this is the functionality many of you are waiting for. However, this is not all the new features that are coming soon to Elementor PRO and its form builder.

Saving data from forms

Did you feel unsatisfied when you created a form and could send its data to an email, but on the backend WordPress this data was not saved anywhere? I suspect some of you have had problems with this. I did.

Upcoming new features in Elementor PRO include the ability to save data sent by forms. Apart from the email we can send to ourselves to the address of our choice, everything that is sent will also be stored in the backend of our WordPress site. You will not have to install any additional plugins! What a relief.

Additional effect

What else will appear? For example, an additional effect when scrolling the page. We can place different content in two columns. In one of them there will be a short description or graphic, in the other much longer content.

You know the problem when you create content in two columns, but one of them contains so much content that it makes an ugly "hole" in the other. The new functionality will fix this "hole" by keeping in the visible area of the browser the column with less content, scrolling only the column with more content. The hole disappears and the content looks perfect. I will show everything on YouTubeand on the course we will approach the subject in more detail.

The ability to create your own Breakpoints?

There is also likely to be - finally! - long-awaited functionality allowing to create custom breakpoints for different screen sizes. I can see a little reorganisation in this area for now, but it shows that soon it will be possible to add more custom breakpoints, which will make our pages adaptable to different screen sizes, not only to three screens as it is now. For those of you who are professionally involved in creating pages on Elementor you can feel the benefits of this.

It is enough to analyse traffic statistics to understand what screen sizes are most frequently used by our visitors, and then we add them in Elementor and check how the website really looks. We make adjustments when necessary. It's great for me 🙂 .

A less exciting novelty

I would like to remind you that just for a few more days you will be able to buy the Expert license for $199 and have the option to install Elementor for 1000 pages. As of March 9, new pricing comes in and the variant with that many installations will cost $999 per year. Below are the upcoming subscription plans:

elpro new prices

The prices as you can see will change drastically, but only for the higher plans. In the case of the two smallest plans they remain practically unchanged. Let's hope that this increase, because that's how it should be called, will not cause any hiccups, but that thanks to this we will have better and better builder, which will offer us more possibilities with each release, and the results of our work will be better and better optimized (I mean mainly code quality).

If you are thinking of buying more pages, don't hesitate, because the opportunity to save a lot of money will soon be gone.


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