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A warm welcome to you. This is Krzysiek Wojteczko on the other side of the microphone. Today's podcast will be unusual because I will quote an email I received literally half an hour ago, the sender of which is Elementor.

The creators of Elementor have announced changes that will be introduced on March 9th, exactly one month from now. Today is the ninth day of February, but on March 9th... something is going to happen. The question is what? I won't tell you yet. I would like you to listen to this message. I will quote it in a moment, and somewhere between the lines I will throw in my little digressions. Slowly, step by step, we will get to the changes that are coming up next month.

"We don't want to distract you from working on great sites but we do want to let you know that we are updating our plans. On March 9, 2021, we'll be adding new subscription plans called Studio and Agency, as well as updating the Expert plan to best accommodate the growing needs of our users.

These changes will only apply to new purchases. If you are using an active subscription plan nothing will change for you."

Here is the first digression. You can already smell the writing with your nose, can't you? You probably do. Something is going to change. What? The prices of subscription plans will change. However, the good news is that they will only change for new purchases. So if you have already bought Elementor licenses, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay more next year when renewing. You keep the same conditions you have.

Well, listen further.

"Since we launched Elementor four and a half years ago we have evolved from a modest site creation tool into a comprehensive platform, a platform used by a sizable community and over 7 million sites. As we continue to evolve this project our new plan structure is designed to further develop it, and cater for different needs while maintaining the same affordable entry level pricing."

So are these prices finally going to change? Are they not going to change. I will not say yet. Listen further.

What remains unchanged? All current users with an active Pro subscription retain the same terms and conditions for the subscription they have.

The Personal and Plus plans remain the same in terms of price and service."

That is, we are talking about the two cheapest plans. The first for one page for $49 and the second for three pages for $99. This remains the same, so whether you already have Elementor or decide to get it in May or June, these prices will not change. What we currently have with them on the site will continue to apply thereafter. The only thing that will change is the names of these plans, so they will now be called: Essential and Advanced.

So much for these two plans. But what will change?

The expert plans will change and to give us a better comparison: we currently have an expert plan that costs $199 and allows us to run Elementor on a thousand sites. If we have an Agency we are Freelancer, we can easily serve up to a thousand clients using a license that costs us $199 per year.

There will be two new plans, but the $199 plan will still be available, so there will actually be three expert plans.

There will be three expert plans. The first will be $199 as it is now, but note, note... This plan will allow you to run Elementor... What do you think? On a thousand sites? Not just 25, a huge difference. Right now for $199 you have 1000 sites. From the 9th of March if you decide to buy this license at this price you will be able to run Elementor on 25 sites only, so if you are planning to start an agency, you are planning to start a freelancer, you want to create websites based on WordPress and Elementor, now is the best time to decide to buy.

This is really important information, which is why I have decided to pass it on to you, so that you can think about it calmly, because we still have a month to go, so there is plenty of time to think it over and arrange it in your head.

Well, but listen further to what we have in this message.

Two new plans designed for larger teams and users with larger customer bases.

There will be a Studio plan which will be available for $499 and will allow us to run Elementor on a hundred sites and another plan which will allow us to run Elementor on a thousand sites. However, it will cost $999 which is almost a thousand.

Check it out. At the moment, for $199 you have a thousand. On the other hand, if you decide after the ninth day of March to get that many licenses, you will have to pay five times as much. 1000 dollars!

New plans that appear in Elementor will additionally have access to VIP support. There will be a chat available 24/7 so if you have any problems you can contact them for help.

We continue to make significant improvements to technical support.

This is why Elementor is currently focusing not only on the development of the tool itself, but also on improving the quality of customer service, as the number of users is growing exponentially, which means they have a lot of problems and they go to the creator with these problems. A poor creator has to handle all these queries and does not make it through the turns. He has to invest not only in the development of the tool, but also in better support.

If you will be planning to run an agency or freelance, the cost of a thousand dollars for more than 25 pages will be considerable. So if you don't decide now, you will have a tough nut to crack later.

The prices will change only for the plans designed for agencies or freelancers, so for people, for companies who use Elementor for more pages. However, if you work with one page, two pages, three pages, there will be practically no changes, and even if you want to run 10 pages you will still pay $199 which is a license that will allow you to run Elementor on up to 25 pages and that will be enough for you. It will not matter if we buy now and we will have the ability to run Elementor on a thousand pages or if we buy after the 9th of March and we will have the ability to run Elementor on 25 pages because we need 10 physical licenses and nothing more.

Only if these 25 pages are not sufficient for us, then these costs will be much, much higher.

Thank you very much for your attention and I invite you to our next meeting. I am, of course, inviting you to YouTube channel, welcome to the platform MeetWP. I also invite you finally to the blog How to Make a Website.


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