Email Marketing is a channel for acquiring contacts and converting them into customers. It is a channel that effectively increases sales and, paradoxically, a channel that is often underestimated or even ignored.

Many entrepreneurs assume that since they receive tons of spam in their mailboxes, which they don't read anyway, everything they send to their subscribers will also end up in the trash. The conclusion? It's a waste of time, because it won't do any good anyway, but will only generate a waste of valuable time. Is this really the case?

Every time I hear that email marketing is a relic, that it's dying or has already died before our eyes, I wonder about the source of these revelations.

Wherever we look in one study or another, without a shadow of a doubt email marketing generates significantly better financial results and ROI compared to other communication channels. So where do these opinions come from? And this is where the "folk wisdom" comes in: "It seems to me that this is“, “This is definitely the case, because a colleague tried it and it didn't work“, “If I don't like emails, then surely others do too"... Anything sound familiar?

People who think about email marketing in this way won't be able to take full advantage of the huge potential of wider online marketing, or at least until their viewpoint is reviewed.

If you're one of those people, I invite you to read this article, which I hope will convince you to stop trusting just your guesses and start doing email marketing in your business. If not, maybe I'll at least sow the seeds of uncertainty in your head, which in turn will lead to further exploration of the topic.

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Is Email Marketing dying?

Perhaps you, too, have heard similar statements more than once. Our brains, and yours as well, work in such a way that the more we hear something, the more we are inclined to believe it or even to take it for granted, with which we agree in its entirety. It does not matter if this or that thesis is not supported by any hard data. We have heard something a few times so we accept the fact that it must be so and we begin to agree with it.

However, if we are stubborn and necessarily want to verify whether a judgement is correct, we often find that what we were led to believe is far from the truth. It is no different with Email Marketing.

Email Marketing vs Social Media

Below you will find some statistics that clearly show that Email Marketing is not only not dead, but is doing well and is still clearly more effective than other communication channels including social media.

I would venture to say that it is even necessary in order to attract potential customers to our services/products and, in subsequent steps, slowly but effectively convert them into customers.

What's more. I don't know if you realise that this is one of the most cost-effective forms of building relationships with recipients and leading them straight to the basket. That it is a tool which has often saved many companies in crisis situations, providing them with financial liquidity in difficult, transitional periods, and that many companies using Email Marketing in an organised, planned manner generate huge volumes of sales and profits every month.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to dig deeper, you will probably come across many studies that compare the effectiveness of mailing lists with social media activity. Here is a simple example related to audience engagement.


Social Media

Overall social media engagement: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Email Open Rate

The average Open Rate for email marketing across industries is 22.86%


Email Click Rate

The average CTR or click-through rate for links in emails is 3.71%

When you post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can expect relatively little engagement from your audience. You could say it's a matter of reach being severely truncated. If you want, you can spice up one post or another with an ad, resulting in more reach, but keep in mind that the percentage of engagement won't be impressive either way.

The engagement rate of 0.6% for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter compared to the open rate of emails sent in email marketing campaigns, which is over 20% gives food for thought here.

Simulation of efficiency

Now imagine that you are active on Facebook and additionally invest in advertising. You have an advertising budget of PLN 10,000 per month.

Let's hypothetically assume that in your case you reach 100,000 users. You are engaging not 0.6 but a little more for round numbers of 1% or 1 000 users. From this pool of engaged users, i.e. those potentially interested in the topic, you manage to generate a conversion of 2%, which means that 20 people will buy your product/service. If the average sale of your product/service is at the level of PLN 1,000, you can say that the campaign was successful and you are in the black. You invested PLN 10,000, PLN 20,000 came into your account The advertisement covered its costs and brought you an additional PLN 10,000. It's OK, right?

But what if the average profit from a sale is PLN 100? We cut the zero and it turns out that the investment is misguided. Speaking in the language of marketers "you burned through your budget". You spent PLN 10,000, the account was credited with PLN 2,000, which means that you lost PLN 8,000. Such a scenario is a very common phenomenon, which is largely due to inappropriate strategy and poorly designed campaigns.

Now think what if you had a mailing list with 100,000 subscribers? Let's count.

You have been building your list for a long time, and you work with it regularly. It has grown as a result of various marketing activities to such an extent that now, when a new product appears, you reach for it without having to invest in advertising. We already have the first benefit.

You send a mailing with an open rate of 20%. This means that your mailing was opened by 20 000 subscribers. If we assume that the conversion will be at the level of 2%, which in practice often looks differently, because a well-built and maintained list can generate conversions even two-digit, our product would be bought by 400 people. If the product/service is worth PLN 1000, it will give you the sales amount of PLN 400 000, whereas if the product is cheaper at PLN 100, your company will receive PLN 40 000. In both cases you are on the plus side! If even your product generates an income of 20 PLN, then 20 PLN * 400 = 8 000 PLN.


Any way you look at it your earned subscriber list will generate you income.

It is estimated that the ROI or return on investment of email marketing is at 4200%, and some studies show even higher values. What does this mean? Every penny spent on Email Marketing can generate you around £42

Avoid this when building your mailing list

There are many reasons why email marketing is so spectacularly effective, but a great deal depends on how you build your list and how you care for your audience. If you buy a database of contacts - which I don't encourage you to do - then such a list will have negligible effectiveness. If at all. Arguably, this is also partly why some people say email marketing doesn't work. Avoid such lists (email address databases) by a wide margin. It's a waste of money, a waste of time, and you can hurt yourself.

Focus on this

Build your list in such a way that subscribers sign up on their own. It is important that they are clear why they are doing this and what they will gain by doing so. According to MarketingSherpa approximately 60% consumers subscribe to brand newsletters in order to receive news and promotional offers. They hunt for bargains and are happy to take advantage of them.

On social media, just 20% of brand watchers do so for the same reasons. Huge difference, right?

Out of 100 subscribers to your mailing list, 60 may be waiting for the opportunities you send them and are more likely to take advantage of them, while on social media with the same volume, statistically only 20 people are counting on offers from you.



Customers are more likely to sign up to brands' newsletters to receive information about promotions than they are on social media.



Only 20% of those watching brands in the media do so out of a desire to receive information about promotions. There is, however, an observed slow increase over the last few years, but it is still a gap.

This is a snippet of metrics, of which you'll find many more on the web. If you've thought so far that email marketing doesn't work, I hope the numbers above will revise your position and you'll start thinking seriously about implementing it in your business.

Email marketing tools

You get interested in a topic. You start searching. The first thing that will certainly catch your eye is the huge number of solutions available on the market, but you will probably ask yourself "Why should I use external tools if I have an email account on my hosting and I can send from there". This is a common first thought.

However, you should know that mailing done this way will be ineffective. It's not just about automation processes, which are extremely important and without which email marketing is practically non-existent, but also about other aspects such as deliverability rate, which with such marketing (from a hosting account) is usually unsatisfactory.

Look for solutions that will provide you with everything you need, while not draining your wallet. This is especially important at the beginning, when you are just learning and the effectiveness of your actions still leaves a lot to be desired. You have to grow into everything, and that takes time.

2 email marketing systems that will change your business

So what do I recommend? I suggest you use systems that offer free subscription plans. If you have an aversion to free stuff, correction right away. I don't mean something that is completely free like Mautic for example, which is tempting but which you may have more problems with than you think if you're not technical. I'm talking about email marketing systems that allow you to get off the ground quickly and get your first experience and subscribers without cost or tearing your hair out. 

In the case of this type of solution, only when it turns out that what you are doing is working and your list of recipients grows and begins to generate the first income will the fees connected with maintenance and access to these tools appear.


My undisputed favourite. You'll find everything you need to build your audience list, segment them, implement automation, get to know your subscribers and warm up your relationships.

MailerLite - email marketing tools

You will also find a free plan that allows you to use the system and most of its features at no charge as long as your subscriber base does not exceed 1000 unique addresses.

The key features of the free version of MailerLite are:

Nothing more, nothing less. All the key ingredients of the skuzzy recipe are included in the free package including the ability to create surveys, which is one of the best ways to get to know your subscribers, their needs, concerns and problems that your products/services can solve.

Extremely clear and intuitive interface will allow you to master the work with the tool faster and to fully use its enormous potential. And this is important, because many times I have been in contact with people who, persuaded by a friend or as a result of one or another advertisement, entered systems which turned out to be too complicated for them. The result? Frustration and being convinced again that email marketing doesn't work or that it's not for me.

MailerLite is different, which is why I dare say you'll find your way around it effortlessly.
To create a free account click on the button below.

If the subject of email marketing at some point draws you in like a whirlwind and you want to expand your knowledge of effective methods and techniques that bring huge sales increases, take a look at "Email Marketing Course"I've prepared for you, where we work a lot with MailerLite.


This solution is quickly winning the hearts of email marketers around the world. Both beginners and those with more experience.

Moosend - number 2 on the list of recommended tools

There are many similarities between Moosend and MailerLite, although there are also differences that may make a difference to some. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to analyse your needs, as well as the direction of your marketing efforts, then juxtapose this with one tool and the other, ultimately making it easier to make the right decision.

What does the free Moosend plan allow you to do? Here are the key features of the free plan:

You could say that apart from landing pages, which are available in the paid plans, and surveys, which are lacking for the time being (we can only survey the level of satisfaction with e.g. a purchased product), Moosend, just like MailerLite, has everything you need to start doing email marketing effectively.

In addition, the free version of this system does not attach its logo to the footers of e-mails sent, which for some may also be important and determine the final choice.


There were supposed to be two tools, but I will add one more to the set. Automizy, is another extremely interesting solution, which unlike the above unfortunately does not offer a free version. But...

In practice, if you start doing email marketing, you will develop a pool of a thousand email addresses quite quickly. This could be one Facebook campaign 🙂 Therefore, sooner or later you will have to pay for a larger audience base. Yes, to learn and gain experience at the very beginning free tools are invaluable, but if you are already at the stage when the first payments appear look at what Automizy offers.


What is striking about this system is its immense simplicity. I must admit that my first contact with Automiza was the feeling that there was probably not much you could do here. However, all I had to do was click around and it quickly became clear that I was wrong.

I guess what I like the most is the automation builder. We don't build it in a vertical orientation like we have in MailerLite or Moosend, but in a horizontal orientation. I don't know how you will feel, but for me this form is definitely more user-friendly. In addition, the workspace is scalable, so even very complex campaigns are easier to handle.

What's more. When the automation is published, when you enter it, you immediately have a view of the effectiveness of each email in the process. At a glance, you can instantly check the open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate of individual emails. Incredibly convenient. The emails in the automation process can be enriched with A/B tests of the subjects, which is another great option, because it allows to work out the highest possible open rates.

The message builder itself isn't as powerful as MailerLite, but it has everything you need to craft compelling emails.

Segmentation, although invisible at the start, also turns out to be extremely flexible. This is due not only to the ability to create your own specific subscriber description fields, but also to tag them.

As I write this, advanced integration with WordPress or WooCommerce is still in the pipeline, but it will probably come. Similarly, there are many other interesting integrations with tools such as Boost, Viral Loops or Live Webinar. Yes, we can already connect WooCommerce or other applications, but we have to use the Zapier integration service.

The tool they boast is a system analysing email subject lines, which, using artificial intelligence and analysis of millions of emails, assesses whether the subject line we want to introduce is likely to have a high open rate or rather may not. And it actually works, but only for English topics for the time being.

In any case, the possibilities as well as the Automiza roadmap itself are very promising. You will even find SMS marketing on the development road! Whether they will implement everything they are planning remains to be seen, but if they do then Automizy could become one of the key players in the email marketing tools market. We'll live, we'll see 🙂 .

Click on the button below to go to the project page and create a test account for 14 days. Test and keep in mind.

Why don't you succeed?

As I mentioned, the tools presented above are intuitive and easy to learn. However, email marketing is not just software plus sending information about a new promotion or new products once in a while. Email marketing practiced in this way will eventually lead you to a point that we already know very well, namely: "It doesn't work".….

Meanwhile, if you look at your competitors who are thriving, you will notice that they are not only using Email Marketing in their strategies, but it is one of the most important pillars bringing them huge profits. What do you say in this situation? Do you still think it doesn't work, or do you stop for a moment, then look in the mirror and ask yourself "What am I doing wrong?“.

Have a positive attitude and take action

From my observations and experience in a straight line, I can say that there is no industry where Email Marketing cannot be used effectively. If things don't go as expected with someone, the problem usually stems from an internal attitude, as well as a lack of knowledge and experience.

However, you can build all this, step by step, but first start with yourself and your attitude towards Email Marketing. Instead of saying "It doesn't work, a waste of time", say "Since it works for others, it may also work for me“.

Once you have oriented your mindset in this way, reach for education, which is kThe book and courses will reveal to you the secrets of effective campaigns using the e-mail you know so well. Campaigns which can generate for you tens of thousands of zlotys within a few days. Campaigns which for many generate six-figure results!

FluentCRM - plugin for WordPress

The only plugin for WordPress in our list that does not require integration with an external system. It appeared in September 2020 and right from the start it offered unheard of possibilities known from mature email marketing systems. You can learn more about this plugin in the article "FluentCRM“.

Reach for an effective solution

The results I have written about are within your reach, but it is important that you have a plan of action and a map that will lead you to your goal. That is why I have created this website with people like you in mind. Ambitious people who want their companies and projects to finally bring decent money, I have prepared for MeetWP course on Email Marketing.


The need to create a course emerged naturally. My students, who build their own websites, shops or blogs, do it in the vast majority in order to make their projects profitable at some point.

However, when the website or shop is ready and waiting with open arms for the first clients, it turns out that nobody comes. Anxiety appears, which in time turns into doubt, and then into resignation. And again, negative thinking awakens in doesn't work, it's not for me" instead of asking: "What am I doing wrong, what can I do to make sales?

Do not give up. Believe me it's the worst thing you can do! Your customers are on the internet, there are many of them. And although they don't know you yet, or even know that they need or will soon need your products, you are the one who can tell them about it.

Do not wait passively for them to find you. They won't. They will find your competitors, who at the very moment you are reading this article are waving their hands at them shouting "HERE I AM!".

Learn how to reach them, how to recognise their needs, their pains and how to help them solve them by offering your products and services.

Email Marketing is a powerful tool, without which it is simply impossible to achieve your goal and its implementation via the Internet at a high enough level. Don't believe it? Don't do it, and in time you'll see who was right.

The question though is can you afford it? If not, click on the button below and I'll see you inside on your new journey to a better life 🙂 .


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