Email Marketing It still occupies a leading place in every marketer's arsenal. New solutions are emerging every day to make this form of marketing more effective, and they are still in demand. In addition, marketers' expectations are evolving, so new solutions try to keep up with them, while older ones often have trouble doing so. Why? The answer is simple. When they were designed, email marketing and the automation associated with it looked a little different. Implementing new solutions can involve a significant system overhaul which is no longer so easy.

Today we will look at a new email marketing system called Encharge, which appeared in the lifetime offer on AppSumo a few days ago (see Why use LifeTime offers).

There has been a rash of interesting tools recently. Example Quickpage. This is another tool for email marketing, except that it is not focused on automation, but on video and interaction with the recipient of the message. It is not a very popular strategy and, among other reasons, it brings great results especially in sales departments.

I may write about Quickpage in some time, but I probably won't make it before the LTD offer ends, so if what I've written has intrigued you a little, take a look at the link above where you can find out more about Quickpage.

Email Marketing is free

I often hear in conversations that email marketing is not a problem because there are, after all, free tools. You can use MailChimp, Moosend, MailerLite or others, where up to a certain number of subscribers you don't have to pay anything. There are solutions such as Mautic, but these require installation and care, which is not always comfortable and ultimately cheap.

MailerLite and its ilk are great in many ways, but once you cross the free subscriber threshold subscription fees start to kick in, and these change as your subscriber base grows. That's why it's worth having your hand out and catching LTD offers that will save you money in the future.

A year ago I found myself with a piece on Automobiles in the LTD offer. I informed the participants of the courses on PoznajWP about it and whoever wanted it took advantage of it. Today, for those of you who missed that deal, the good news is that an analogous automation system is up for grabs!


I don't have a definite opinion yet (too short time), but I would tend to say that Encharge seems to be more interesting tool than Automiz and many others. These are first impressions and probably only after some time I will say if it is really so, but Encharge already has many features that competitors lack. It will be interesting to see what will happen in a year's time 🙂 .

Clear interface

I liked the Encharge interface very much. Simplicity and intuitiveness were clearly a priority for the designers. This is a good thing, because these types of tools can be so complicated that a beginner simply gets lost and is often completely discouraged from implementing email marketing in their business.

There is no clutter in which you can feel uncomfortable. Cockpit, automation schemes (Flows), subscribers (People), campaigns (Broadcasts), analytics (Metrics), all clear although the nomenclature is a bit different 🙂

Encharge email marketing system management panel

You don't waste time thinking about how to do something just do it 🙂

Email editor

Also simple, but you will find everything you need in it. It's already standard that you work by drag and drop, so I won't dwell on it or get too enthusiastic about it, because in every tool of this type you will find wizards that work in exactly the same way. There will be differences in the objects you can put in your content, there will be other options related to configuration and styling, but the foundation is universally known and liked,

Encharge email editor

Triggers and Integrations

Undoubtedly worth highlighting is the fact that Encharge boasts triggers that you won't find, at least for now, in many other similar tools. What you see below is just a snippet, but you can tell from this snippet that triggers are not just based on events like: someone signed up to our subscriber list. You can trigger automation even when someone makes a Stripe payment, Paddle etc....

There is also a functionality that I personally use very often in various situations related to automation, and that is the ability to receive and send data via webhook. This allows me to instantly integrate the system with a huge number of external applications.

encharge triggers

Of course, among the triggers there are also standard ones such as activity in segments, engagement and activity in emails, tagging or the ability to track a subscriber's activity on our website. For example, if someone returns to the page with the price list of our services and has done so e.g. two or three times within 24 hours, an email can be automatically sent with information about the services or a discount coupon to help in the final decision.

You are largely limited only by your own ingenuity in using the triggers and actions available in Encharge.

How much does Encharge cost?

For the standard factors you will find on the project website, prices are very similar to most analogous tools, although there is no free plan.

And so on at random. A base of up to 2,000 subscribers costs $49 per month, at 25,000 subscribers $349, and at 100,000 subscribers almost $1,000 per month. Of course, there are intermediate packages as well. Full information at:

The lifetime offer, in turn, is one-off payment and so for 5,000 subscribers it is $59, for 25,000 it is $295. You can see the big savings on your hands! Instead of paying $349 month after month for a base of 25,000 subscribers, you pay $295 once and use it as long as you want. On an annual basis, that's savings of around 15,000 PLN!

Follow the link below for details on the offer.

Do I recommend

Yes, and on this short statement I could stop 🙂 Although I have a garden of many tools for email marketing, I am happy to join this group today with Encharge. I will definitely use the specific possibilities of this system, even if not at the moment then in the future.

Plans for upcoming updates include landing pages, an RSS trigger and more integrations. For now, native WooCommerce integration is not among them, but it is currently the most requested integration by Encharge users so I think it will eventually make it to the ToDo list. If that happens you won't have to experiment with webhooks or around integrating via Zapier or Integromat.


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