On the occasion of another article "10 add-ons for Elementor you should know about" I mentioned the plug Essential Addons for Elementor. Indeed, it's one of the more interesting plugins to enrich our site running in WordPress + Elementor duo with additional attractive widgets.

In this article we'll take a closer look at it, thanks in part to AppSumo, where at the time of writing this text EA's Premium version can be purchased for life for a one-time fee (link at the end of the article). So I hurry with information about it. 

Two versions of Essential Addons for Elementor

essential addons

The plugin is available in the free WordPress repository. It enjoys considerable interest and high user ratings. Since its inception, it has been downloaded over 1.6 million times and is installed about 5,000 times every day. An impressive result.

So much popularity is related to the possibilities it offers and that already in the free version. You will find 29 widgets such as blog post list, WooCommerce shop product list, CTA and many others.

A full list can be found on the plugin page at: https://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/essential-addons-for-elementor-lite/

It can be said that when it comes to widgets, it is able to enrich Elementor with the options available in the PRO version and even adds others that Elementor Pro doesn't have, at least for now. Of course you won't find the Theme Builder here, but when it comes to widgets like the ones I mentioned, of course you will.

That's why it's so well-loved, because not everyone needs all of Elementor Pro's options, or can't or otherwise doesn't use them to their full potential. In this situation Essential Addons for Elementor is a great alternative.

Premium version

In addition to the free version, the plugin also offers a paid version. When you decide to buy it, the extension enriches Elementor with even more gadgets. At the moment, together with the free widgets, it is a pool of over 60 add-ons. Among them such as Info boxes, flip boxes, advanced menus and even content protection.

Additionally, in the Premium version you have access to other extensions such as effects Parallax.

This all for one site can be had for just under $30, which gives you access to the full capabilities of the plugin, as well as updates for 12 months. After that time if you want access to updates the plugin needs to be renewed for another year.

Essential Addons modularity

This is one of the features that I extremely appreciate, as it has a real impact on the performance of the extension. All widgets and additional elements function as modules that can be enabled or disabled as required.

So if you don't use all the widgets, and you usually do, the ones you don't need can simply be disabled in the extension's admin panel with a single click.

Essential Addons for Elementor widget management panel

The same applies to the Parallax, Particles and Advanced Tooltip extensions, and probably more will be added in the future.

essential addons extensions

The Elementor extension also has its own internal cache mechanism. The cache can be emptied at any time in the Tools tab. These options make it one of the least taxing add-ons for Elementor.


You can find all examples of how the plugin can be used in both the free and Pro versions on the plugin page. Click on the button below.

Here, however, I will use some simple widgets that are not even in Elementor Pro. For example, the ability to create a list of articles on a timeline.

You are free to specify which entries should appear in such a list.

This is the standard look without any modifications. However, if you wish, the widget has quite a few options available to customize the look to suit your needs. Just experiment.

ostyling the timeline

Another example, which can be useful for, for example, photographers or beauty salons, where spectacular makeovers are sometimes created, is a widget which allows you to present something "before" and "after" like this.

Before the makeover After the metamorphosis

If you haven't seen this type of object on pages before, I'll hint that you can move the vertical line left, right to see how something looked before and how it looks now.

Here you can also make your own changes related to the widget's appearance. What you see above are its standard settings. The only thing I did was to insert pictures.

And finally, one more widget that I want to show you, and which in more than one case may be applicable, is the possibility of placing marketplaces (so-called hotspots) with a description on the photo.


Here, too, I used the simplest possible default configuration. You can freely format tooltip descriptions and even insert additional photos, e.g. close-ups of a given detail. The whole thing is easy to sharpen and placing hotspots is child's play. This functionality may be used e.g. in an Internet shop, thanks to which a product or some of its specific features may be indicated directly.

You can see the rest of the widgets and how to use them on the manufacturer's website. I won't put them all here because it doesn't make much sense, the article would lose readability and probably become quite heavy 🙂

As you can see, the Essential Addons for Elementor extension adds a lot of amazing content-building capabilities to your WordPress site or shop in conjunction with Elementor itself.

You can successfully use them in your articles or enrich the descriptions of products in your shop, and what's important, you can do it in a very simple way without even typing a single line of code!

Pro version on AppSumo

I mentioned at the beginning that one of the motivators for preparing the description of this plugin is the currently ongoing offer on AppSumo related to this extension. Well, for 39 dollars you can buy PRO version for 5 pages with perpetual licence. This means that by paying once, you get lifetime access to all future updates of the extension.

This is a definite treat for Elementor fans, allowing you to implement a great extension by paying for it only once.

If you want a version for an unlimited number of pages, for example because you create them for your clients, you can buy two AppSumo codes. Details about the offer can be found by clicking the button below.


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  1. As usual, we can count on your vigilance. Thank you. I use the Pro version of this plugin, but have to renew it. Thanks to you, I now have the theme fixed for ever and ever, with no future charges. Hooray!!!

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