You have probably noticed that on How to make a website Since 15 February, I have tried to publish one blog article every day. OK I had two one-day gaps, but on the other days there were new publications.

This is my belated New Year's resolution 🙂 If nothing happens to prevent me from fulfilling this resolution, every day (although there will be exceptions) a new text will appear on JZS.

What is the purpose of this experiment

First of all, I want to see more publications on JZS, but I also want to check whether the consistency of publishing more content day after day will be noticed and appreciated by Google algorithms.

Observing other similar experiments, this usually happens after a month, sometimes after two, but in most cases, sooner or later, it has the intended effect. What is the effect? Obviously, more phrases in the search results and better positions.

Why publish every day and not once every few days

Up to now (until 15 February) I have published once a week or once every 2 weeks. In my opinion, this is the minimum if we want Google to look at us favourably. However, the more often we upload new content, the more love Google has for us. Yes, it is an involved process if you write most of the texts yourself, but since this is my blog, I feel obliged to be personally involved in the process.

How long texts I will publish

We usually hear or read about writing long articles. Yes, Google likes content that is comprehensive and thus offers more value to readers. However, on JZS I will diversify by writing shorter and longer texts, such as this one, which is over 600 words long, so it is not the longest.

What effect do I expect

I honestly do not know. Each time the effectiveness with this type of experimentation is different. Sometimes I see traffic spikes from organic results at 500%, sometimes it is a much smaller jump e.g. 10%.

Competitor sites are an important factor, and as you know the publications on this how to set up an online shop, how to make a website whether how to start a blog there is no shortage of them. These have been popular topics for many, many years.

In my case, it would be nice to see an increase of 20-30% in about 2 months. It remains to persevere and watch 🙂 .

Will I share the results of the experiment

Of course I will, as long as there is something to show 🙂 If the increases actually appear, you will surely find an article on it, and a detailed case study, where I will tell you step by step what I did and why, will appear on MeetWP in the VIP area.

Will I continue the experiment even if it doesn't work?

I think that if I publish texts every day for two months with minimal gaps when I go somewhere or something happens that does not allow me to prepare a new article, I think that it will become so habitual that it will be difficult to give it up from one day to the next 🙂 .

Even if there are no results after 2 months, I will continue. Perhaps in my case, I will have to wait not 2, but 3 months, or maybe half a year or a year, for the results.

Publishing more than 300 articles in one year will have to have a noticeable effect 🙂 So it may be that I will share my observations only after such a long time.

I encourage you to do similar experiments

My students know this very well, as I mention it more than once during my courses, but if you are a JZS reader and do not participate in my courses, I would like to encourage you to do the same.

Decide that for two months, you will post one article on your blog every day. Try to stick to this resolution as much as possible. I am sure that many of you will experience a significant increase in page views, and if you run an online business, for example, you will see an increase in the number of visitors to your blog. webshopThis is likely to translate into sales results as well. The game may be worth the candle 🙂 .

If you take up the challenge, persevere and experience positive results from your experiment, be sure to come back to JZS and share your impressions. Or have you already done such an experiment?


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