Making money online is something that appeals to many people. Building your own website and creating opportunities for yourself to earn passive income is a dream of a large group of novice (and not only) entrepreneurs and creators. Today, such opportunities are offered by WordPress, and above all by the plug-ins created for it, which enable easy sale of content. Fast Micro Pay is one of such WordPress payment plugins. It is distinguished by its ease of use and low price, and at the same time great capabilities.

Making money on WordPress - what does it look like?

There are many ways to make money online. Of these, however, capitalizing on a website you have created seems to be the most effective. How does it look like? - Very easily. A popular tool here, because it gives a lot of possibilities, is WordPress. At the beginning it is necessary to create a website and place valuable content on it. The principle is simple - the more content you put on the website and the higher the quality, the more money you will earn. The quality of the content is understood here as its attractiveness to the target audience.

When your website starts to attract the attention of internet users, you can start making money from it. The first method is Google ads. At first they may seem like a good source of passive income. After some time, however, you will notice that the income is definitely unsatisfactory in comparison with the work input. Another method are various types of affiliate programs. They may take the form of advertisements of a given company published on the website or sponsored articles. Here you need to make more effort, but the potential profits are greater. However, the real income starts when you decide to sell your own content on WordPress.

Direct selling your own content - how do you go about it?

On the Internet you can sell practically anything, and it is very profitable to sell knowledge. Knowledge can be multiplied infinitely, and the same content can be sold many times. This can be, for example, training materials, graphics, courses, foreign language lessons, e-books and many, many others.

Two things are necessary to start making money.

Firstly, the website we work on must attract as many readers (and therefore potential customers) as possible.

Secondly, the content itself should be presented in the most attractive way possible. Once we have these two things, we can start selling. However, in order to sell on WordPress, it is necessary to install an appropriate plugin on our site. Today, the choice of such plugins, as well as the possibilities they offer, is huge. One of the most recommendable is Fast Micro Pay for WorPress payments.

Guide: PayU paid access to content on WordPress


Fast Micro Pay - possibilities offered by the plug-in

The Fast Micro Pay plugin allows you to sell a variety of premium content. Its users range from people offering paid courses, authors of tutorials or e-books to instructors and trainers selling access to their webinars. Regardless of the type of product you have created, it is worth deciding on the possibilities offered by Fast Micro Pay.

The primary function that the plugin provides is the ability to block and sell content hosted on your site. How it works. Selected content is hidden by default (or shown only partially), and access to it is gained after paying an appropriate fee. The plug-in allows you both to sell access on a one-off basis and to buy a subscription, i.e. access to some or all content for a specified time.

Guide: How to start a subscription on WordPress?

Another possibility provided by the Fast Micro Pay plugin is paid downloads of files placed on the website. E-books, courses and many other types of materials are usually sold in this way. Paying for access allows the user to download a given file once or repeatedly. It can be a text document, a graphic, a sound or video file - whatever we have for sale.

Guide: paid ebook download via Dotpay.

A very interesting feature of the plugin is the ability to sell access to webinars via the ClickMeeting platform. Such webinars can be conducted live, or made available for viewing at a specific time. Very often coaches, consultants and many other people sharing their knowledge and skills online work this way.

It is worth noting that Fast Micro Pay plug-in cooperates with many platforms for online payments, such as DotPay, PayU, or TPay. Thus, by choosing a plug-in we are not limited to the need to cooperate with a particular operator. As you can see, Fast Micro Pay gives you a wide range of possibilities to make money on the content you create. Possibilities which open the way for our creativity, creating attractive content and earning on it. And most importantly, the plug-in allows you to build passive income - it always works, regardless of what you are doing at the moment.

Operating the plug-in - instructional material

Finally, it is worth mentioning that a very important feature of the Fast Micro Pay plugin is its ease of use. No specialist knowledge or skills are needed here. When you buy the plugin, you get access to instructional materials that explain step by step how to run WordPress payments on your site, and how to run payments through supported online payment gateways.

The whole thing can take about two hours and is easy enough (and presented in an understandable way) that anyone can benefit. It is therefore ideal not only for experienced creatives but also for budding entrepreneurs.

The Fast Micro Pay plugin is owned by Paweł Duda from the company


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