Today a large part of the Polish Internet was strongly affected by a failure at the largest European operator in the hosting sector (OVH). In the morning hours suddenly literally thousands of sites, including those in the Polish part of the Internet stopped responding, so if you happened to have a website that could be launched or mail that did not work, it was probably due to the situation described above. Gone are, among others, such services as, Jakdojade, Kwejk,,,, Radio Wrocław, Plusliga,, Wirtualnemedia, ecommerce platform Shoplo and thousands of other large and small portals and websites, including those of the operator itself - for a long time it was not even possible to contact their support. Some of my clients and we ourselves have also been affected by this confusion, so we can say that the crash experienced today by the giant caused quite a paralysis on the Internet. At the moment I am modifying this description, it is 5 p.m. and there are still many sites which are not accessible. I suspect this will continue for several more hours.

Just how much coverage the problem had in the early stages is illustrated by this tweet

This is one of the largest failures of its kind that has affected such a large proportion of Internet users in Poland and Europe. Such situations have a right to happen even to the biggest ones, to which OVH undoubtedly belongs, but it is important to draw conclusions from them and try to minimise the possibility of similar situations in the future. I hope that OVH will do exactly that.


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