Does such a thing even exist and is there any point in "investing" in similar solutions? I could answer very briefly, ie: YES and NO 🙂 .

Free hosting is usually a lure (lead magnet) aimed at catching as many potential clients as possible in order to start monetising them at a later stage. It's a strategy as old as time. The biggest problem here is the fact that this type of hosting gives us few possibilities. Indeed, if we take a look at the general parameters such as capacity or transfer, we can find some where we can read the information in disbelief: "unlimited". So we compare it with other paid services and we come to the conclusion that on a free hosting we get more than on the one we have to pay for. However, the proverbial "buried dog" is in the details, which for the average Kowalski do not say anything. It is, for example, about the use of computing resources of the server, which are on such accounts quite drastically reduced. Purposely, because the point is to make you jump to the paid package as soon as possible. Well, that's it 🙂 .

You set up such a hosting account, install a CMS system e.g. WordPress or any other. Then you work hard on the site to polish it in every possible way. Finally it is ready (unless problems arise in the very process of building it). You launch it, traffic starts coming in, and along with it, problems start appearing. The website once works, once does not. You wonder what is going on. You write to the support and get a reply that you exceed the limits available on the free accounts for the use of CPU, RAM, number of queries to databases, etc... Of course you get a hint what you can do to eliminate the problem. You've probably already guessed what it is 🙂 Of course. Just switch to a paid package and automatically the problems disappear.

So if someone asks me about free hosting for WordPress, I immediately ask: "Do you care about your future website?", "Do you want it to meet your business goals?". When I hear the magic YES to any of these questions, I answer "Forget it".

Your website is an extremely important instrument in your company's marketing strategyYou should make sure it has a home where it can function without any problems, generating leads, clients and sales. Betting on free hosting in the hope that you will save a few dozen or a few hundred zlotys a year, you shoot yourself and your company in the knee.

Spending on a good hosting account even if it's a few or tens of zlotys per month is not something that will ruin your budget, but will give you a better chance of achieving your goals effectively. Here are two series of hosting accounts for anyone looking for economical or dedicated solutions for WordPress:

However, if you're still stubbornly looking for ad-free free hosting, you can find it at these places, for example:

I leave it to you to judge whether it is worth entering this type of service and entrusting it with your online business. You already know my opinion. For my part, I will not recommend any of the solutions I mentioned above, because as I have already mentioned the benefits are really negligible, and such a service may even do more harm than good, and sooner or later you will decide to switch to a paid plan. It's inevitable, unless you don't make it in time because your company will disappear from the map.


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