When it comes to chat Usually we see in our mind's eye an application with the help of which we communicate with the owner of the site simply by writing. Indeed, most chat rooms only offer this possibility, but increasingly there are features that allow you to choose another form of interaction. If the interlocutor prefers to talk, he can activate audio or even video.

Why am I writing about it? Because I came across a Polish product that offers such possibilities and which, as its authors write, is the first multimedia chat for websites.


It's a young application and obviously still needs a lot of work, but it is promising due to the fact that it immediately enters into forms of communication that are not common in chat applications, and it is probably the future of our interactions with potential or current customers.

What opportunities GetLead.page offers

Above all, a clear interface, with which you can quickly add your company departments, add your employees who will operate the chat, add and customise widgets to be placed on the website, track the history of connections and leads, i.e. people who left a message when you were not online.

GetLeade.page interface


This is the most important element, because even if you configure everything else, nothing will happen without putting the widget on the page 🙂

To create a widget you go to the Widgets section and click on the add new button.

Adding a widget for a page

Here you have four tabs related to the configuration of the widget.

Main settings

In this tab, you enter a name for the widget. Going further, you can opt out of audio and video calls if you prefer only standard chat. If you don't want to show up and therefore don't want to give the caller the opportunity to communicate via video, you can select only audio calls.

In addition, you have several other options in this tab, here they are:

General configuration of the widget

You can let the caller choose any department in your company they want to contact, or you can indicate one specific department.

By default, the form contains your first and last name, but if you need additional information such as email and phone you tick the appropriate option. The next two fields are the ability to customise the content of the header and sub-header. On the right hand side you can see a preview of the widget, which reacts to your changes on the fly.


Let us now look at the second tab. There are not many settings here:

The appearance of the widget is basically just colours and a default avatar

You can change the main colour and content colour, as well as swap the default avatar.


The tab can be a bit confusing. At least in my case I suspected that there would be settings here for, say, office hours, which I haven't found anywhere else, but no. You will find three options here.

Accessibility settings

You can completely hide the widget when all operators are offline, and you can customize the header and subheader content.

Legal consents

As you can guess, this is the place to add your consent, e.g. acceptance of the privacy policy:

Legal consents visible in the widget

Content, a URL to the document containing the full content and the ability to decide whether or not consent is required.

Audio or video call

Now that the widget is prepared it's time to place it on your website. Just go to the list of widgets, click on the Options next to the fork you wish to use and select the "Place on page“.

A window with the code to paste will appear, as well as a tab where you can download the plug-in WordPress. These are two independent ways of integration. Personally, I prefer the code I insert using the theme hooks Kadencewhich allows me to quickly and conveniently manage the conditions related to the display of the widget. If you do not have such capabilities you can install the plugin.

Once the widget is visible, and you have selected the option to communicate via audio and video in the configuration, two icons will appear:

These are the icons that start an audio and video call

By default, when your interlocutor starts a chat he will be able to talk to you in the classic way, that is by writing. However, if he/she decides that he/she would rather talk to you because it will be faster, just click on the headphone icon (audio chat) or on the camera icon (video chat) and you will automatically be able to stop typing.

Certainly a conversation, especially a video conversation with a potential customer is a more effective sales tool than writing in a chat room, where the relationship between you and the interlocutor who doesn't know you is totally cold and even if you warm it up, it's definitely not the case when you talk by hearing and seeing each other.

What else is missing from GetLead.page

First of all, applications for desktops and mobile devices. Currently, to be able to receive chats you need to have the application running in your browser, which is definitely not comfortable, because it happens very often that when working with various sites we simply close the browser window instinctively and it is very easy to close the chat application in this way. You may not even notice it, and then it will turn out that we were unavailable for most of the day 🙂 .

The good news, however, is that the mobile app (for now) is included in the roadmap, and from what I've read it will probably arrive in about 2 weeks. It's not clear what capabilities it will have, but it's undoubtedly the right thing to do. As soon as the app appears I will expand this article with information about it.

How much does GetLead.page cost

If you're in time for the Lifetime offer, you'll have the option to purchase access to the app once for $49, which will allow you to add up to 5 employees, with 500GB of video call space (call archives are kept for 7 days).

This is another very useful feature, by the way, because you can have a conversation without worrying that you'll miss half the stuff. You can always go back to the transcript after the conversation.

Higher plans increase this limit to a maximum of 60 employees and unlimited video space, which can be stored for 14 days.

Additionally, higher plans also include widgets without GetLead.pages branding.

GetLead.page lifetime offer price list on AppSumo

If you can't make it and you are left with the standard subscription plans then the cost starts from £0 🙂 Yes, there is a free plan available, but it is quite severely limited compared to the paid ones. Basically you can only have classic chat conversations without audio and video, and this is after all the key functionality of this app.

Paid plans, on the other hand, start at £39 per month:

GetLead.page standard price list


Would I recommend it - if you snap up the Lifetime offer, by all means. The app is young and still lacks many features that other chatbots have, but hopefully they will gradually appear. Among the announcements is, for example, the possibility of screen sharing, which in my opinion is essential for any company offering online services. And not only services. If you have set up an online shop There may be a situation when you are contacted by a potential customer who has a problem with placing an order. Then you can share your screen and show step by step how to place the order. This will be much more comfortable for both parties and much more effective than trying to explain what needs to be done in a regular chat.

I'm glad that it's a Polish product, because I like to support our native businesses if they offer interesting tools, and in this case I think these two conditions are met 🙂 I'm glad that it's a Polish product.


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