"I completely don't know how to read Google Analytics data". How often I hear this 🙂 Indeed GA, it's an analytics combo that you have to get used to, which for many is a huge challenge. It's a tool that can overwhelm if you just need simple metrics, but something has just emerged that will help you get to the most important information from a content creator's point of view on the page.

Search Console Insights is a new tool from Google Web Creators that aims to make it easier to understand content performance at a glance. It combines data from Search Console and Google Analytics for a user-friendly overview of important metrics. You don't even know how happy I am that such a beta solution has just been made available. For a lot of content creators, it's like a Christmas present at the beginning of summer 🙂 .

Search Console Insights can help users quickly determine which content is most effective, how new publications are performing and how people are getting to the site.

Search Console Insights
Search Console Insights Links

Clicking on the little academic cap icon will give you more information on understanding the data presented or tips on how to improve engagement and content performance.

The first section shows the performance trend of the site's content over the last 28 days using page views and page view duration. The next tab displays a carousel of new content with page views, average page view time and badges for high time content compared to other content on the site. In this way, you visually pick out the more engaging content in a single moment.

Other tabs include most popular content in the last 28 days, main traffic channels, main Google search queries, referring links from other sites and social media.

The performance sheets are not customisable, but they give you a starting point for delving into Google Analytics.

There will be iOS and Android apps for Search Console Insights in the future. The tool is now in beta and you may still not find information about it when you log into Google Search Console, but this should change in the coming days.


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