You participate in courses If not yet, then get interested in this topic and squeeze from the online training even more knowledge and benefits for you, your business and the projects that you carry out on the Internet. Join the community

Here you will find additional support during your work with websites, shops, blogs. Remember that everything around us, including your business is constantly evolving. This also means a constant need to supplement and expand your skills and knowledge of effective techniques for using the tools and technologies that accompany them. A blog article or a YouTube video will reveal one or more cards to you, but if you don't have a complete deck, you won't be able to run an effective game. Not to mention winning.


How HelloWP works

The website is divided into 2 areas. The first, generally accessible, contains content that can be used by anyone visiting the community. Including you, if you are a JZS reader and you happen to come across this article. No special access is needed for this. The second area is the possibility of active participation in the life of the community, so asking questions, giving answers, commenting, etc. ... and also, what is key here, closed groups, which can be joined by participants of individual courses

The whole thing is nothing but a kind of extension of online training. That's because within closed groups, although sometimes also in a publicly accessible channel, articles are published, as well as videos discussing issues related to WordPress, complementing and expanding your knowledge of its ecosystem.

Those of you who are already participating in the courses, especially as regards the main course i.e. Wordpress for BeginnersUntil now, you could use a closed forum. However, it was not a comfortable form of communication, not to say archaic, both for you and for me. That is why I was looking for solutions to make the exchange of information, knowledge and experience simpler and clearer. This goal has been achieved. Anyway, if you have not looked at yet, check it yourself. You can find this service at Not only does it look much better, but the entire information architecture within the site is incomparably more user-friendly.

What else?

In addition to being able to join specific groups, you can observe selected topics and participants.
We have also implemented gamification mechanisms here, so you can build your reputation within the community and even collect points for, for example, giving comprehensive and interesting answers to someone who just needs support. And what is important here is the fact that the points you accumulate in this way can be used to access new courses or even to renew your domain or hosting account!

One of the topics on HelloWP

How to join the HelloWP community?

As I mentioned there are two areas: one accessible to all, the other accessible only to course participants. Registration is only possible by invitation, and this is only sent to course participants. As a Guest, you can only view part of the content, plus you cannot actively participate in the discussions or ask questions.

To take advantage of the opportunities offered by the service, join the courses Choose a course that interests you and develop the knowledge it contains through our internal community. By joining the course of your choice, you will receive an invitation to activate your account. Once you are inside as an active participant you can join selected closed groups. Just after logging in with a single click, you can request to join, for example, the course group WordPress from Basics, WooCommerce - online shop, SEO or Elementor PRO. If you are actually a course participant, your request will be accepted and you will get access to everything that happens in the group.

As far as I know, it is the first and only community of this kind in the Polish Internet resources, giving you so many possibilities of self-improvement in the field of working with websites, shops or blogs, including the incredible comfort of use. The fact that the service uses PWA technology makes using it also on mobile devices very comfortable.

It was supposed to be, but it won't be

HelloWP was originally intended to be open to everyone, but I got that idea out of my head pretty quickly. Open communities can be found on Facebook on various forums, so if you want to join one you can. At HelloWP, I and most of the course participants don't want the community to be flooded with spam posts, which would be practically a daily occurrence in an open community - just another place to get links. I have neither the will nor the time to moderate this type of posts, which would bring at least questionable value to the participants themselves.

So we are in a smaller but respectable group 😁😁

If you are attending courses and do not have access to HelloWP, please email me. See you inside!!!!


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