The procedure for setting up a hosting account is not complicated. In fact, it is no different from any other purchase you make online. However, I realize that if you have never started such a service before, you may feel a bit lost. Therefore, below I have prepared a detailed description of how to set up a hosting account on our platform step by step.

See the procedure for setting up your hosting account and website in the video

Under the video you will also find a step-by-step description


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6.25 PLN/month

7.69 PLN incl. VAT

on an annual subscription basis
There is also the possibility of monthly billing

Unsurpassed performance and speed

Basic parameters of GREEN account


Hosting BLUE PRO

Readers Only How to Make a Website - 50%
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8.33 PLN/month

PLN 10.25 inc. VAT

on an annual subscription basis
There is also the possibility of monthly billing

Unsurpassed performance and speed:

Basic parameters of a BLUE account


Greater security for your website and better ranking in Google

On each hosting account you will receive a free SSL certificate for your domain. Thanks to it, the data exchange between the browser and the server will be encrypted, which will significantly increase the security of your project. It will also be a clear signal to Google that you care about security, which will result in a better ranking in the search engine and your website will be marked as safe. More on this topic can be found in the article "SSL certificate - changes in Chrome“.

Step by step - Hosting activation

We start with domain registration

The first thing you will see when you click on the access activation button is a question about your domain. You can register it, transfer an existing domain (the so-called domain transfer) or, in a situation where you have it but do not want to transfer it, simply enter a name by selecting the third option in the form.


To register a domain, enter its name e.g. "company name" and click on the "Check" button. As a result, the system will analyse whether the specified domain name is free and registrable. It looks roughly like this:


If the domain is taken, a message will appear and you will have to keep looking. I suggest you aim for domains with the extension .plespecially if your website is aimed at our market. Only when you have exhausted all possible variations of the name, consider other extensions. Important: It does not make much sense to register several names such as:,, etc... unless it is justified in your business plan. If not, let it go. You only need one address.

The name should relate to what you do. Ideally, it should be the name of your company or the service you provide. Ideally, it should be the name of your company or the service you provide, so that your clients can easily remember the address and have as few problems with its spelling as possible.

If you have found your domain, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Continue button. The button looks like this one:


You will see a summary of your order. In our example, we have the GREEN service with an annual subscription, yet not including promotion for JZS readers. Here you can decide whether you want to settle monthly or annually, and you can even choose a two- or three-year period. Discount 50% you will only receive for a monthly or annual subscription.

choice of time

Choose as you wish and then click on the continue order button.

In the next step, if you chose to register a .pl domain, you may be asked to decide whether to publish your data in the whois database (public domain registries). If you are registering a domain as a private person (not a company) select no.

domain whois

Moving on, a full order summary will appear. It will look more or less like the screenshot below. As you can see, the discount code for JZSi readers has been included, and the price of the hosting account for the first year has been reduced by 50%!


Basket summary and discount included

If the discount code JZS is not automatically included, you can enter it manually. Please enter JZS and verify its correctness.

promo code

You can still make changes to your order, i.e. edit selected options, remove or add extras to your order.
When everything is OK you click on the "Order" button and nand on the next page you enter your Subscriber details, accept the terms and conditions etc.


At this stage you also set your password to the Panel. Here my suggestion. Do not use a simple password, anyway too simple probably will not work, but it is one of the most important factors of safety on the net. In fact it applies to everything you have access to in the Internet, not only to our example. Use a password that is a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and it's great if you can sneak in a special character too. Enter your password twice. If it is OK you will see a soothing green bar indicating its correct strength.


To create a strong password I suggest using Genetartor.


Choose your payment method below. You have at your disposal tPay, so basically all popular Polish e-banking channels, e.g. BLIK, mBank, etc..., as well as payment via PayPal, where you also pay by card, and finally a standard bank transfer.
Have you filled in everything and ticked off everything? Click on the order button.


You will be automatically redirected to the payment system of your choice. Pay for the service and wait for feedback to your email address.

You can take the first step right away and install WordPress, although I suggest starting the fun after about 24 hours due to the domain propagation time on the web. 

WordPress installation

They are two ways to install. One is the automatic way, which is the easiest installation method and you will probably choose this path. The other way is manual installation, which requires a little more commitment but is not difficult. Which method do you choose?

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