Video is an ever-growing market and the demand for this form of content consumption is increasing. In 2020, the online video market was estimated to be worth over $6 billion, and do you know what the predictions are for 2027? By then, the online video market could be worth up to $19 billion.

Right now we are seeing a lot of growth, and it can be expected to be even more pronounced in the coming years. You can find a report on the video platform market at:

Growth forecasts for video platforms

What does this mean for you? Not much if you don't take an interest in producing videos for your business. However, if you do, you have a chance to make a lot of money. Think carefully before you say a definite NO.

Video hosting

Most people who use my courses and want to try their hand ask me where they should upload their videos. Whether to the library WordPressOr a YT channel, Vimeo or other platforms? Let me give you a hint.

Hosting videos on your own WordPress site

Yes, you can, but there are some drawbacks to this solution which mean that I personally do not take this route, even though I have a lot of potential in this area. Why?

Videos uploaded to WordPress should first and foremost be as light as possible, so you need to play around with compressing them. If you want I recommend the tool HandBrake. It's an OpenSource application, so it's freely available, and it handles compression very well.

You upload the compressed video to the WordPress media library and place it anywhere on the site. What more do you want? Well, not everyone who comes to your site has a good quality connection at any given time. A video no matter how fast your connection is will load from the same file, which can mean clipping where the network isn't the best. There are still such places. Anyway, go out of town where the coverage is weaker, and you'll see for yourself 🙂 .

The second disadvantage for me is the space that video files take up. If you upload one or a few videos you probably won't feel it, but if you want to produce more such material, where we are talking about tens, hundreds or thousands of videos, then you can seriously feel it financially.

For most video creators, these are the two factors that disqualify hosting videos on hosting designed for websites. You need to look further.


In this case there are no problems I mentioned earlier. You upload a movie, not even specially compressed, and YOU will take care of proper optimization and generate at the same time several quality versions (bitrate) so that even those who have a weaker connection can watch the movie without annoying jams. An unquestionable advantage.

Another advantage is that YouTube is the world's second largest search engine after Google. This means that by creating a channel, you have the chance to reach a large number of potential customers with your message.

You can easily place the video where you want it using Gutenberg, Elementor or any other builder.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the videos are enhanced with ads, which for a business project may not necessarily suit you. Interrupters that will reduce conversions are not liked by conscious marketers.

Personally, I use YouTube mainly so that users of this platform can find me there, but on JZS and my other sites I embed these videos rarely, although I'm not saying that I don't embed them at all 🙂 Most often I also upload such a video to Vimeo, and then on the site or within courses the material is played just from this source.


I have been using it for well over a decade now and have never been disappointed with this video hosting. The advantages are, as with YouTube, automatic optimization and several versions of the video with different bitrates. Great possibilities in the field of player customization, as well as marketing tools.

Unfortunately the free version is severely limited, allowing:

  • Uploading up to 500 MB per week - not to be confused with playback. It's about the weight of the videos you upload to the platform
  • you get 5GB of total space for films, so assuming that a single film weighs on average e.g. 250MB, you will upload 20 of them, which is not very much, right?
  • you use basic analytics

Important. With a free account, as well as with a paid account but with the lowest Plus plan, you cannot use the videos commercially, e.g. create lessons that you then sell. This means that you have to buy at least the PRO plan, thanks to which you get the possibility to upload up to 20GB per week and more options related to player customisation as well as access to some or all of the marketing tools. The cost is currently 64 PLN per month with an annual settlement, which is less than 800 PLN per year. These are not large costs, but they are there. If you decide to go for a higher plan it may increase to 245 PLN per month (2 940 PLN per year).

Other solutions

In fact, video hosting is still a growing industry, which as you can see from the predictions at the beginning of this article is unlikely to change any time soon. When looking for a solution for yourself you will end up on many other platforms, for example: Dailymotion, Facebook, JetPack WordPress video hosting, Wistia, Brightcove, vooPlayer, Uscreen and I could go on and on. In most cases Video Hosting is a paid service and not necessarily cheap. You pay for space and/or generated transfer and additional tools to increase engagement and sales.

Worth following How to Make a Website because I'm throwing up some interesting offers that I think will save you a lot of money. Take a look at the article: Why I recommend LifeTime offers.

Vadootv Video Hosting

The offer appeared yesterday, April 1, and I even thought for a moment that maybe it was April Fool's Day, but it turned out not to be at all 🙂 A young project, so as it happens with such projects its future is not certain, but what they offered made me take the risk within minutes. The features that tempted me:

  • unlimited transfer
  • 1.5TB video space (highest fifth licence level). With a similar assumption to Vimeo that the average video size is 250MB you can fit 6000 recordings here.
  • without advertising
  • customisable player
  • automatic optimisation and conversion of films into several quality versions
  • the ability to protect films from being embedded on sites other than your own
  • HLS coding
  • adding CTA buttons anywhere in the video, as well as the ability to build mailing lists
  • CNAME, i.e. the possibility of using your own domain name

These aren't all the features of this video hosting, but they were enough to quickly win me over. There's even an option to record from within the Chrome browser, although I don't use this form, but you might want to.

Vadootv interface

Very simple and clear, and as you may know simplicity is something I value a lot.

Videos can be uploaded from a local drive or imported from YouTube, Vimeo, Publitio, Amazon S3, Google Drive... Something I will definitely use more than once 🙂

Vadootv Video Hosting and its clear interface


Uploaded videos load quickly and are also converted quickly. What's more, playback afterwards also works very efficiently thanks to the Amazon and Google CDNs from which the video is served. The tests I have conducted so far indicate that it is one of the fastest video hosts. Let's hope that doesn't change.

Customising the player

There are not yet many options in this field, but the basic ones such as colours, custom watermark are. Additionally, you can decide whether to activate HLS encoding, high quality (max FullHD) or hide Vadootv branding.

Video player customisation settings

Arguably these options will increase over time, and looking at the hosting roadmap it could look really good.

What I'm looking forward to most is the ability to bookmark videos just like on YouTube, Vimeo or PrestoPlayer. I'm sure it will be here in a while, as it's one of the more desired tools.


You have the option of adding call to action (CTA) buttons to your videos. You decide when it should appear and when it should disappear. Take advantage of these opportunities and increase your conversions.

Form to configure call to action buttons

In the video, the above settings may look like this. The button is of course clickable, although not in the image below 🙂

example of CTA

How much does Vadootv video hosting cost

The standard plans look like this:

Official Vadootv video hosting price list

The first two packages, i.e. free and PRO do not have all the options available in the AppSumo offer. I omit the available hosting space, which in the PRO version is 50GB, but I also do not have HLS encoding and FullHD quality. The Lifetime offer, on the other hand, looks like this:

Pricing on AppSumo

For a $39 one-time payment you have the capacity of the PRO plan. Note that this is not only video hosting but also audio hosting. Then there are levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Level 5 is the most expensive. It's $399 or roughly $1500, but keep in mind that this is a one-time fee! Compared to Vimeo at 800 PLN per year, this investment pays for itself within 2 years. In the case of other video hosting much faster.

How to boost capacity

In the description you will read that the first 100 people who upload a review on AppSumo They will get doubled hosting capacity. Those 100 reviews came in within a few hours, so I didn't make it 🙁 When I looked on AppSumo there were already over a hundred. It's an increasingly used marketing ploy that works and everyone is happy. Buyers get more and the seller gets a lot of feedback, usually positive, and thus turns up the sales.

I thought it was gone, but it turns out they increase the capacity for everyone, all you have to do is contact them and post a screen shot of your AppSumo review in the chat. With such a simple procedure instead of 1.5TB I have 3TB - 12,000 videos/lessons? Something close to that 🙂 .

I consider it a great deal that will pay for itself very quickly.

Which video hosting to choose

Definitely use YouTube because of the viewership. Don't let it go even if you buy other video hosting. It's a great channel to reach customers. Yes, if you want to publish videos on your site, ad-free and suggest videos on similar topics, such as from your competitors, then use Vimeo, Vadootv or another ad-free platform as an additional tool.

If you have time to take advantage of the deal on AppSumo, do it. Even if you don't feel like video is something you want to do now, it's likely the future will force you to do it, otherwise you'll lose out to your competitors who will be active in this field. Look at the forecasts, which clearly show that the future belongs to video. We feel it today and every marketer will confirm it, and in a few years it will be even clearer. Prepare yourself today so that you can save money in the future, but also so that you don't fall behind.


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