If you ask yourself how much does a website cost. Is it cheap or expensive? I will say that there is no one definite answer to this that will satisfy you right off the bat. It's like asking if buying a new car from the showroom is a big expense or a small one? You know very well that the cost of such pleasure depends on a number of factors, such as brand, model, technology and equipment, so you can buy a car for tens of thousands or for several million. It is analogous in the case of websites, literally, because the cost of some projects is also counted in millions. Of course, the lower limit is definitely more friendly, because you do not have to spend tens of thousands to launch a business card website, but the costs are a very large spectrum of various dependencies, technologies, functionality and experience.

Did I scare you a little with the amounts? Don't worry. In the case of most typical realisations the costs are easily digestible, but even then it is difficult to say directly, without analysing the purpose, needs and expectations, whether a given realisation will cost a few hundred zlotys or a few or a dozen thousand.

Cheap to the bone - Not the way to go

For the purpose of this article, I looked at a number of sites where prospective site owners make enquiries about their workmanship. I interviewed them claiming to be a contractor for the service they were looking for - which is true by the way, the only difference was the purpose of my calls. I wanted to talk to them about their vision for the site, what it should be for and get a sense of how they see contractors and what they expect from them. What caught my attention very quickly was the low level of awareness of many entrepreneurs about the role a website should play in their business. Where does this conclusion come from? If only from the number of enquiries regarding the creation of a website, where the client set the budget at the level of 150 - 200 zł. OK, this may mean that the entrepreneur wants to launch a website only so that someone who already knows him can find, for example, a description of the product in which he is interested, and about which they previously discussed at a fair or on another occasion. The problem is, however, that in many cases the intention of the ordering party is completely different. It is to create a website that will intensively attract new clients, that will sell services or even specific physical products. He wants to have a website that will really support the company's activity, and he even has a vision of how great it will work and how much money can be made from it. The problem is that with a budget of 150-200 PLN there is no chance to launch a product that will meet the objectives effectively to maximise profits. This is usually due to a lack of knowledge and experience, and such situations are compounded by the fact that if someone puts out a similar request and gives a budget of, say, 150 PLN, believe it or not, there will be people willing to do the job. At the same time they will confirm the ordering party in the belief that they are doing the right thing, because they don't spend 10 or 20 times more for the "same" amount. After a few months, it turns out that the website does not attract new clients, does not generate sales, does not generate new orders - it is because it is and nothing more. The implementation turns out to be a waste of time and money, which also has to be earned. Should you start from scratch? Do not go down this road.

One more curious thing caught my attention. Some people - to my horror - treat work on a website as something that happens automatically. I thought that such thinking doesn't work anymore, because personally, for a long time I haven't met a client who would perceive my work this way. A programmer sits down, clicks, clicks and in 15 minutes the website is ready. In the opinion of several people interviewed during my research, a website created in this way is not only visually attractive, but also very effective. I don't know where such a notion came from, but the fact is that I came across such people and it was not an isolated case! The response was the same every time: "Please send us some proposals for our website, if we like them we will take them". I will not call it anything else but an arrogant disrespect to other people's work. By the way, I wonder if such people find desperate people who will take up this form of "cooperation". I haven't followed it anymore, but I won't be surprised if there are such people - there used to be 🙂 It's another way to produce pages that will not translate into your results in any way.

Goal pal - the direction of higher earnings

Your website needs to have a clear purpose. This is really the base from which to start. This is the basis for building strategies concerning what should be on the website, what functionalities it should have and what processes will take place on it. If you don't have it clearly specified, there is little chance that the website you create will actually support your business. Let me give you an example of one of my clients. For a few years he had a website, thinking that what it generates for his company is the maximum, and in general he was satisfied with it. When we met, he was thinking of changing it because it was already old. He didn't want to approach the redesign as something that would boost the bottom line, but simply refresh the look to make it "more up-to-date". However, we started talking about it together, analysing its current state and wondering what could be done, until he saw the potential, which he decided to exploit. As a result, the analysis and audit itself took several nice days. Then, on the basis of the lessons learned, after we had clearly defined the goals, created the personae, it was time to choose the tools, technology and UX design. In fact, it took about 4 weeks before we started the implementation from a purely technical and graphic point of view. Then, further activities consumed another 3 weeks. In total, the time spent by a team of several people was about 2 months. As you can guess, it was not a 150 PLN implementation, but what was the effect? More than 10-fold increase in the number of orders and enquiries in relation to what took place before. If the client had simply decided to refresh the site, i.e. outsourced the task to someone who would only do a redesign, probably nothing would have changed, and the client wouldn't even have been aware that it could be different. You should aim to be clear about your goals, but the goal should not be to have a pretty site that you like. The goal should be to have an effective website that attracts customers, but which requires more work and therefore also more money.

How to estimate the cost of creating a website?

How much does a website cost? The easiest way to get an answer is to list the goals I mentioned and contact a reliable contractor. In response, you will get a quote for the project and an estimated completion time - all tailored to the specific information you provided. Remember that every project is different and while in the case of small projects you can estimate costs based on basic data, in the case of many more complex visions this is impossible. So you still don't know how much a website costs, and I'm still not making it easy 🙂 I'm not making it easy.

If you plan to launch a small project - a kind of business card page for your company, you can use the calculator below to estimate the cost of a typical implementation. With its help, you can initially calculate the budget you should have at your disposal when you want to outsource the creation of a website. These are estimates of basic activities.

From the calculator you learned how much a website costs or how much a standard implementation might cost. However, before you start looking for a contractor, I have some small but important tips. Don't treat your company's website as something you have to have because e.g. your competitors have it. This should not be your main motivation to act. In fact, if you don't see any potential in it, if you don't want to spend even a little time thinking about what goals it should fulfil for you, then don't invest, because the chances that the investment will pay off and that it will make money in the future will be small. Depending on what your goals are, what industry you operate in, who your customers are and how strong your competition is, this is how your online presence should be developed. This cannot be done in 15 minutes. What you can do yourself, do it. However, if you do not feel strong in something, outsource it, not on the basis of "who will do the cheapest", but who will do it right.

Find time for trainingI organise with Tom, many of which are free webinars, and make the most of the knowledge they give you.

And how much does a website cost when you make it yourself?

In the first part of this article I focused on the situation where you hand over the implementation of the site to professionals, but this is not the only way. Despite the fact that I myself earn money on building websites, I see nothing wrong in making an effort that will result in a self-made website and bypassing my humble person. Everyone has the right to choose, and today's technologies offer incomparably more than just a few years ago.

This may not be the first article you've read that raises the subject of website development costs. So I suspect you've come across articles published by interactive agencies who have a vested interest in making clients aware that a website has to cost money. I agree with them. How much a website ultimately costs depends on the level of professionalism of the people designing and making it. In a straight line it means more work, the results of which you usually do not see in the form of a nice banner on the page, because it is hidden "under the hood" of your website, but it makes the website more effective than others. This has to cost money.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur who is at the beginning of his journey is not always able to invest 5 or 10 thousand zlotys in a website. He is not always able to invest even 1000 PLN. Does this mean that such a person should not have one? Nonsense. If you take a conscious approach to optimizing the costs of its implementation, transferring to yourself what you feel you can handle at a decent level, choosing this path has a chance of success.

The cost of a website that you make yourself consists of elements such as:

So how much does a website in this model cost? Not counting the cost of your time spent on learning more about the tools, their capabilities and methods for their effective use, you will be out of pocket a minimal amount.

Many people decide to take this step and although not everyone will be satisfied with the results of their choice, there are those who are truly successful. This is then followed by investments in positioning, advertising campaigns, orders for external agencies that will take care of every little detail. You can already afford it. Keep in mind, however, that only a small percentage of companies choosing this model of operation manage to get to the top in a decent amount of time. In most cases, it is a matter of taking small steps and often stumbling or even regressing.

If you would like to try creating your own website, I invite you to read my blog. You will find here, apart from useful texts, also two methods of creating your own website, here they are:

If you decide to minimise the costs of creating a website, I recommend method 1, i.e. WordPress, which gives you full freedom of site management and practically any direction of development.


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