Many people are still unaware of this, but video presentations are an extremely effective way of promoting goods and services. Entrepreneurs who are just taking their first steps in the Internet are convinced that the best solution is to prepare a promotional article and cover it with properly prepared photographs or animations. It should be mentioned at this point, however, that in recent years the competition on the Internet has become extremely fierce, so solutions that worked just a few years ago may now prove to be insufficient. Therefore, current marketing campaigns are increasingly often supported by video materials. Why is this happening? I am on my way to explain!

What makes video clips work than photos or animations?

Publication on a platform such as YouTube A video promoting your product or service has the following benefits:

  • The customer has the opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with the specifics of the goods offered to him,
  • The video may contain additional commentary, information about the price or available variants of the product or service,
  • An interestingly prepared clip will be more memorable for the consumer than many photographs,
  • A professional clip will help increase the conversion rate, build customer trust and increase brand recognition online,
  • Perhaps you can count on larger, measurable reach (determined by the number of views and likes of the video on the platform and subscriptions to the channel),
  • Statistics show that video marketing significantly increases the number of views of the website (as long as a link to it is included in the content or description of the video).

As you can see, preparing creative and unconventional video material can bring a company or organisation considerable benefits, whether at the very beginning of its adventure or when it is already a strong and recognisable brand on the market. But what should you bear in mind when preparing or commissioning a campaign based on video marketing?

First of all, we need to have even a cursory idea of what we want to present to the audience and in what form. If the film contains too much different content, the potential customer may quickly get bored and close the clip. It is worthwhile for the production to have a clearly defined goal and subject - it may be, for example, a set of answers to the most frequently asked questions by consumers, an interestingly presented information about the offer, a message about newly prepared promotions, or a report from a recently organized company event.

You should also remember about a precise and at the same time encouraging to watch title and description. They are often the deciding factor in whether a user watches the clip or chooses a competitor's offer. To increase the reach of the material, links to it can also be posted on social media and sent by email to trusted, loyal customers. Another obvious requirement that should not be forgotten is the high quality of the image and sound in the final product. But how to achieve it? 

Editing video footage

we create video

Experts recommend aiming for the highest possible production quality by recording audio and video separately - this ensures that the audio tracks and clip can be edited and modified independently of each other, resulting in a highly interesting and engaging product.

The editing process itself is not complicated, although it may seem so at first. We operate on the clips as if they were blocks that can be placed on a timeline. You can trim them, add effects etc... depending on the software you use.

The same applies to audio files, although here I know that some users find it difficult to add them and search the Web for answers to questions like: how to add music to a film or how to remove sound from a film. I don't know where these difficulties come from, but OK. A few sentences on this subject using the example of an extremely intuitive video editing program for beginners which is Movavi Video Editor.

You can find more extensive information about this friendly editor at: http://www.movavi.comand as for how to add and edit audio tracks, read the article "How to add music to your video“.

Adding sound to recorded material material

To add music or a prepared commentary to a film clip, of course, you first need to install the application on your computer and then, once it is running, add all the necessary audio and video materials to your project. The former will be added to the audio track, while the clips will be added to the timeline dedicated to film files.

If you notice that the length of the two tracks differs, you can shorten or completely remove the element in question using, among other things, the Split function. Once your music or commentary is properly synchronized with the image, the final step is to save your project. You can do this by clicking the Export button, selecting the format in which you want to save the final product, and then selecting the Save option. This operation should not be difficult for anyone.

How do I remove sound from a video?

Deleting an audio track from a movie clip is equally simple. All you have to do is open the file you want to edit and then use the Mute Track or Mute Clip buttons to reduce the volume of the audio to zero. The last step is to save the finished project in a format you are happy with and then publish it on a platform such as YouTube or send it to experts for further modification.

Video marketing - a quick and effective way to promote your business

In this article I have briefly presented the main benefits of including video marketing activities in your promotional campaign. I hope they will encourage you and other entrepreneurs looking for new forms of promotion to try this solution and enrich your online publications with video materials. Of course, Movavi Video Editor isn't the only editor you can use, and I've listed it here because it's extremely easy to use and it's perfect for people who are new to video editing and are intimidated by the complex interfaces of other applications. The programme can be downloaded for testing free of charge from the producer's website. This way you can check whether its capabilities are sufficient for you.


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