Wondering if and how you can display social media reviews about your company on your website? Firstly, of course it is possible. Secondly, it's worth doing, especially if you already have these types of reviews. They are a great attention-grabber and at the same time an important factor in how you can be perceived by potential customers who come across your offer for the first time.

Keeping recommendations only where they are, e.g. on your Facebook FP or in Google My Company, will not bring you as much benefit as if they also appear on your own website.

In this article I will show you some ways to publish reviews. There will be manual ways and also fully automated ways. However, let's start with a basic question.

Why should you display reviews on your website?

Reviewing a number of studies from previous years on this topic, it can be seen that on average 92% consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. 88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 72% of them say that positive reviews increase their trust in a company. There is also another important metric telling us that referrals can increase conversions by more than 30%.

It is hard to imagine a successful marketing campaign on, for example, Google Ads or Facebook targeting a landing page without publishing testimonials on it. Take a look at good online campaigns and analyse them with this factor in mind.

If you've been in business for a while and you're active on social media, your customers are probably leaving such positive reviews about your business, services or products. These reviews are extremely important to you and you should brag about them whenever possible. The ideal place to aggregate the reviews scattered across different platforms is your own website.

Publish them, especially as it's not difficult, and they will build trust in your business and certainly increase the aforementioned number of conversions.

If you use WordPress and Elementor, you will be able to take advantage of its capabilities in this area. If not, other extensions and tools will help. We'll get to everything.

Manual display of reviews on the website

If for some reason you don't want or can't use mechanisms that automate the process of displaying reviews on the site, e.g. you don't want to invest in one solution or another, or you don't want to install further extensions, then add reviews manually. This is not the method I prefer, but on the other hand it is better than nothing.

Following the simplest line of resistance, you can use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress and with its tools create a section or even a separate sub-page with reviews that you manually insert acting on the principle of copy > paste.

It may not be particularly convenient, especially when it comes to styling, so if you end up going the manual route, take a look at the free Elementor. As standard, you'll find a widget called "References", which will help you present one or many references in a visually appealing way. You can also extend Elementor with other free add-ons like Happy Addons where you will also find a widget called "Review". With it you can quickly place eye-catching testimonials on your website.

Remember, however, that you have to enter the content of each review manually and usually if we are talking about free add-ons these will be static elements.

However, if you want to add some life here, it's worth reaching for the PRO version of one or another extension, although if you're going to invest, head for Elementora PRO. You will gain not only additional widgets, but many other useful features during further development of your website, which you will surely appreciate over time.

The dynamic here will mainly be that the testimonials section can work on a slideshow basis. That is, visually the review can look like our example above (you can style it your way), but in addition you can put several reviews in one place, which the reader will scroll through one by one.

These types of widgets are designed so that at first glance, a visitor to your site will recognise that this element is feedback from others who have used your offer. This is important because if you blend reviews into the content they may not be noticed and thus their effectiveness will drastically decrease.

Automatic display of reviews on the website

What would you say if reviews posted on Facebook or Google My Business also appeared on your website in an automated way? The perfect solution, right?

You can use free plugins for this purpose, such as Social Reviews & Recommendations whether Google Reviews Widget. They work quite well, although free versions do not allow you to fully control what will appear on your website. For example, if we find a dissatisfied customer, and we can always find such a customer, if he or she gives us a bad review on Facebook, it will also be posted on our website. We probably wouldn't like that.

Only the paid versions of the above plugins allow you to filter reviews e.g. by specific words or display only those with at least X stars.

The extensions are interesting, but if I had to recommend a paid plugin to you, consider two other solutions.

WP Business Reviews

WP Business Reviews

One of the more interesting extensions for WordPress allowing you to aggregate recommendations from several social networks: Google, Facebook, Yelp.

The reviews displayed are highly configurable, including the ability to filter and filter the displayed reviews. You can display in any place, for example, only the reviews from Facebook, in another from Google or in one place mix all the data.

The cost of this plugin starts at $99. It was previously $199, but as you can see they've come down in price, which may encourage more people.

Plug-in page: https://wpbusinessreviews.com

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

An extension for Elementor that offers a widget to display, among other things, your company's credentials.

UAE Review Widget

Unfortunately, at the moment it can only display reviews from Google and Yelp. Facebook is not present, but this may change with future versions of this feature.


Here, too, you have a very comprehensive set of options related to the appearance and filtering of the references displayed on the page.

UAE Additional settings

If you mainly rely on Google reviews and work with Elementor, you'll definitely be happy with this extension. The cost of the add-on is slightly lower, as it starts at $69, and besides, it enriches Elementor with many other useful widgets. So you can use this add-on on many other levels.

Plug-in page: https://uaelementor.com


Finally, we arrive at a tool that I consider to be unbeatable at the moment. It's not a plugin for WordPress, so it can work on any site, but the integration with WP is very simple and shouldn't be difficult for anyone.

Endorsal works on a slightly different basis than the previous solutions. Yes, we can easily import existing opinions from social media (Google, Facebook, Yelp, and soon also Twitter and others), but above all it is a tool with the help of which our customers can give us testimonials on our website. So you can create your own form and send your customers a link to it asking for feedback. This is often more effective than asking for recommendations on Facebook or Google, because not everyone uses these tools, not everyone likes them.

A great feature is the so called "freebies". Super Links. They allow dynamic generation of links for customers, e.g. using data from the CRM system we work with. 

Endorsal Form

The page with the form for creating references can be easily adapted to your own requirements, use your own domain and soon be embedded directly into your website. Different language versions can also be created without difficulty.

Once we have received the testimonials, we can manage them conveniently, accept or reject them, assign them specific tags, which will then help us display them exactly where we want, e.g. on a page with a specific service or product. In other words, on the page of product X we can display testimonials concerning only this product.

Endorsal list of references

To publish opinions on the website, we create widgets in the Endorsal panel, each of which can have its own independent configuration related to appearance, behaviour and filters (also based on tags). Then all you have to do is copy and paste a short code snippet in the place where the opinions are to be displayed. You can find an example of how to use the Endorsal widget on the subpage "WordPress course“.

The tool also allows us to display testimonials in the form of small PopUp windows, so we can draw the attention of site visitors to the feedback associated with us more quickly and effectively. Below is an example from get to knowWPwhere I test the capabilities of Endorsal.

Endorsal PopUp

However, this is still not the end. In addition to the widgets that we place anywhere on the site, inside product descriptions, in articles, etc..., we can create a kind of testimonial board (they called it a love board) where we can present all the opinions about our company in an eye-pleasing way.

A dashboard of opinions

Endorsal is a young project, but I am enchanted by its possibilities, which, looking also at the development plans, will soon be even greater, e.g. video feedback!

This is currently one of the best referral marketing tools I have come across. Unfortunately, compared to the previously mentioned, it's not cheap, as the cost starts at $19 per month for one site. But if you are able to set aside such a budget, this investment will probably be one of the most successful. 

Tool page: https://endorsal.io


Being able to read reviews about your company, services or products increases trust in you and what you have to offer. People are more likely to buy if they see that others are happy with that decision and recommend your company.

No matter what industry you are in, you probably have or will soon have clients. If they are happy with what you offer them, they will also be more likely to give you a reference of their own volition or if you ask for one.

Whether you ultimately opt for "manual" tools or those that automate various processes to relieve you, use recommendations.

Next year at poznajWP there will be a course related to referral marketing, where we will learn how to use referrals on your site. We will certainly discuss many solutions in detail including the huge potential of Endorsal in this field. There will also be surprises.


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  1. Thank you for the article. After the suggestions of Elementor plugins/widgets and others in the listed price range, I wonder if you deliberately left out the Facebook Reviews widget available in Elementor's Premium Addons Pro. I'm getting a bit tired of the lack of proper editing (also graphical) of the truncated free versions and I'm maturing to purchase the above mentioned plugin. Is the recommendation intentionally missing or have you simply not tested it yet or don't have an opinion about it? Best regards

    1. Yes and no 🙂 This is quite similar to what Ultimate Addons offers, although the fact is that besides Google and Yelp there is also Facebook, which UA doesn't have yet, but probably will. As far as I remember, in Premium Addons there is a separate widget for each of these services, which I do not particularly like. It's nice to be able to show a mix of comments from different sites in one section. What I also miss in many similar solutions, is the lack of possibility to add testimonials by clients from the page level. In fact, from what we are talking about, only Endorsal has this topic treated quite comprehensively. I've implemented it and I'll tell you honestly, I can't remember the last time I was so happy with a purchase 😀 I'm not.

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