The awareness of the necessity of website positioning among website owners is nowadays at an impressive level. Especially companies are well aware of the fact that they will not get very far without search engine optimisation.

On the web you can find many materials that explain SEO methods and introduce you step by step to the secrets of SEO. This knowledge began to flood the Internet after the great changes to Google's algorithm in 2012. At that time many companies lost high positions in the rankings exposing themselves to huge financial losses.

Today, SEO methods have changed drastically. Website positioning has become more expensive and much more time consuming. However, it has also become fairer, and users are far less likely to end up spamming Google as they once did. In this article, we will give you three methods of website positioning that are still effective, and that we use successfully at the agency Design Cart.

Directories of websites

It used to be the basis of website positioning. 10 years ago SEO was based on so-called "cataloguing", i.e. adding a website to catalogues. Quickly, web directories turned into so-called "link farms" and their content value drastically decreased. Google was forced to improve its algorithm so that link farms did not affect SEO. Today, directories are much less popular, but they still work. There is only one condition. These must be valuable catalogues with sufficient domain power.

Sponsored articles

It is the most expensive method of website positioning and the most time-consuming. However, these two disadvantages do not deter specialists, because it is also the safest and most effective method of website positioning. It consists in creating articles related to the topic of our website. We add links leading to our website to the article. Then we look for a service whose domain is much stronger than ours. The service should also be related to the subject of our website. When we find a suitable service we pay its owner for publishing the article. Unfortunately, the prices are not low. Valuable services start their price lists at 200 PLN and end up with several thousand PLN for publishing one article. One thing is certain. It works and gives stable effects on the position of the website in the organic results of Google. More about positioning with this method you will find under link.

Whisper marketing

Whisper marketing has a double effect. It creates an artificial crowd on the web, which recommends our services or products and leaves links to our website on various websites, mainly forums. The second effect has a huge impact on positioning and in whisper marketing this aspect is the most important. What exactly does it consist in? The agency or the owner of the website collects a database of thematic websites, forums, etc. It creates accounts on them and pretends to be a whisperer. It creates accounts on them and pretends to be a user who is looking for an opinion on a given product or service, leaving for example a link to the positioned website. Then he creates other accounts, which answer the question of the topic creator in a positive way. A discussion is created between many accounts, sometimes real forum users join such discussion. Well conducted whisper marketing guarantees stable, reliable links.

There are many more methods of website positioning. However, these three are sufficient for positioning most websites. When you master the above three methods, you should be interested in other ones, because the greater variety the better for the positioned website.

Article prepared by the agency Design Cart.


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