Has the thought ever crossed your mind that you don't want anyone else to be able to download your own photos or graphics? If you're into photography, even if it's just a hobby, I'm pretty sure the thought has crossed your mind. 

The problem is that implementing such mechanisms in practice is not easy. What is more, it does not guarantee anything. In fact, it can be said that all such solutions only make the task more difficult for someone who has a snooping interest in your work. On the other hand, even such "hindrances" make it possible for us to weed out at least the inexperienced content thieves.

SmartFrame and plugin for WordPress

SmartFrame is a tool that protects photos against copying, downloading or using them in a way we would not like, e.g. by embedding them on other websites. What is important is that in the case of small sites, or perhaps it would be better to write requirements, we can use it for free, and in the WordPress repository we will find a free plug-in to integrate our site with this environment.

How the SmartFrame plug-in works

When you use the SmartFrame plugin for WordPress, your images are protected from right-clickingand the plug-in is also able to cope with with attempts at screenshottingwhich discourages most dishonest users of your site from copying your images.

Furthermore images disappear from the source code of the pageThis protects them from malicious crawlers that may try to clone your site's content. However, the problem is that also search engines and social networks can't read these images by default, which may not be exactly what you want. If you want your image to be indexed in a search engine, you can create a small thumbnail in one of three sizes, which you can then watermarked with any text or image. Such a thumbnail will be indexed in search engines. The level of control in terms of watermark position, font, size and opacity is great here.

You don't have to choose between image quality and the speed of your website. SmartFrame uses a special algorithm to compress images so that the loading speed and graphic quality are optimal. Each time, the images are optimised for the resolution of the device being used to display them. This means that images displayed on an average smartphone or tablet, for example, will be rendered at a lower resolution than on a Retina display.

In addition, the plug-in allows you to add controls for, for example, sharing an image on social media or running it in full-screen mode.

The SmartFrame platform essentially consists of several elements, which I would include: presentation and interaction, and protection and monetisation. You can select individual images to embed and share them elsewhere, you can create galleries, check information about the number of clicks and interactions they get. You can observe everything that has to do with your work. If only for this reason for photographers, this tool is very interesting.

Security of images on the website

SmartFrame promises to provide a level of security for your photos that goes far beyond what you would otherwise have by publishing photos to your website in the standard way.

Of course it is not a perfect solution, because at least the tests connected with taking screenshots have shown that protection in this field can be unreliable. For example, the Safari browser and Mac, everything seems to work flawlessly here, but if we try to take a screenshot on an iPad or Android phone, we will probably succeed without any warnings or messages.

And what about in terms of security and sharing photos on social media? You can create custom photo previews for the major social networks and decide whether you want watermarks or a caption here.

Costs of using SmartFrames

As I have already mentioned, the possibilities of this tool can be used free of charge. Within the free plan we receive space for graphics on the level of 2 GB provided that within this capacity we can handle no more than 1000 graphics. However, for small sites this is quite sufficient.

And what if we want more? Then we can opt for paid packages. The current price list is as follows:

SmartFrame price list


Protecting against photo theft on the Internet has been, and still is, quite a problem for photographers, and the main means of protection have always involved a significant loss of photo quality. The SmartFrame approach is an interesting alternative and is generally effective in preventing photo theft.

Those who want to take full advantage of the platform will certainly find many ways associated with securing their work with it, and with decent documentation, this process should be much simpler.

However, it should be remembered, as I have already mentioned, that this is not a solution that guarantees protection against theft in 100%. However, it introduces so many advanced mechanisms that our photos are much safer thanks to it.

For more information about the platform, visit: https://smartframe.io


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