Following the last post on SEO experiment I've received a few questions from you about how often to write on the blog and whether it's really necessary to do it every day, or whether we should slow down a bit, because after all, each successive publication is often laborious, and we have many other obligations.

The more often the better

One post a day is quite a challenge, but it also usually brings better results over time. I most often come across websites whose authors regularly publish one text a week. This is the minimum, but if you want to increase your traffic faster and in a better way, you can publish more often. How do I know this?

HubSpot analysed over 13,000 company blogs. Test results clearly indicate that more frequent publications bring more benefits. In short, it can be concluded that companies that publish 16 blog posts or more per month get 3.5 times more traffic compared to companies that blog less than four times per month.

How often should you blog?

HubSpot has shown this in a simple infographic, which you will also find on their blog in a publication that addresses the issue described.

How often to blog

When we are primarily concerned with gaining as much traffic as possible

Publish content that is as optimised as possible, as much as possible when we impose a regime of frequent publication:

  • Small blogs: 3-4 times a week (new posts)
  • Large blogs: 4-5 times a week (new posts and updates to older ones)

When it comes to building brand awareness

We publish quality content that requires more of our time and commitment:

  • Small blogs: 1-2 times a week (new posts)
  • Large blogs: 3-4 times a week (new posts and updates to older ones)

If we wanted to summarise the above data and answer directly to the question of how often to blog, I would answer that it is best to do it every day, or at least on weekdays with a weekend break.

What gets in the way of efficient writing?

One text a day, as I mentioned, is quite a challenge. We can't spend half a day creating content, because our business requires action on many other levels. We have to become skilled enough to write a text in the shortest possible time, what prevents us from doing so?

Try to write as if you were speaking

You write and all the time you wonder if this form is appropriate. This is a big slowing down factor. Note that when you talk to someone you don't have problems with it. You simply explain something, justify it, clarify it and don't think about how to form sentences. Try to do the same when writing. Write as if you were speaking and the process will be much more streamlined and quicker.

Do not proofread as you write

This in a way alludes to the previous point. We speak when we write. It goes quickly, but there are bound to be mistakes, not only typos but also stylistic ones, because something sounds different and can be received differently when it is read.

In such a situation, we very often go back to previous sentences while writing and wonder whether they were formulated correctly. We correct and correct, and the thread starts to run away from us and everything stretches out in time.

Write all the text, and only at the end sit down, read it and make corrections where necessary. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to create a publication.

Do not search while writing

When writing articles, we very often want to use a variety of data, the results of one or another study. We write two or three sentences and then search for the information we want to use on various websites. This is another element that significantly affects the speed of writing. Do not do this. Find the data you want to use before you start writing the article, not during the process.

Don't wait for inspiration

You've mostly got an idea for an article. You've already pitched it to yourself, but you're not quite feeling it. So you wait for inspiration, but that inspiration may never come. If you have an idea for an article just sit down and write it. Don't wait for the muse, because the muse is often capricious.

What helps you to write well

Is there anything that can help you develop a writing routine? Are there any factors that optimise the writing process?

Write at the same time of day

This is a great way to get into the habit of writing every day. Depending on how your day looks like, assume that texts will be written in the morning, in the middle of the day or until dinner 🙂 Then try to stick to this pattern. After some time you will get into the habit and it will be much easier. But the beginnings will be difficult, the question is whether you have enough strength to persevere. I believe that you do.

Write in the same place

Strange? Maybe so, but you will see for yourself that if you sit down to write every day and do it from the same place and on the same computer, you will write more efficiently. In a situation where you sit down to X computer once and a laptop another time, and struggle on a tablet another time, it's certainly not good for efficient content composition. Each time, a different environment will generate a different stimulus and mood, which is not insignificant.

Turn off your own critic

It is quite normal that we constantly judge ourselves. This is particularly evident in the writing process. Every now and then we wonder if what we've written has arms and legs, if we like it, how it will be received by readers, etc... It's a nightmarish limiter and slows down our work. Just write and don't think about it. At the end it will be time to proofread and then you'll correct what clearly needs to be changed, but don't do it while you're writing because every now and then you'll get distracted and lose the thread.

Sit down to write when you are rested

It is only natural that when you are tired or nervous, it will be difficult to write another article. Therefore, before you start working on a new text, take a break for a short rest, maybe a small nap. A rested mind means faster written text, and also better quality, i.e. less corrections during proofreading.

Develop templates for your publications

The point is that when you sit down to write an article, you should have a precise structure and not write blindly. For example, if you are writing a "how to" article, base it on one scheme, for example:

  1. Presentation of the problem
  2. Tools to solve the problem
  3. An example of their use
  4. Final results

This is a simple example, but if you develop something similar for your own use, creating more content will be much quicker.


There is a saying "to want is power" and it also relates to our topic "How often to blog".

If you really want to, you can write every day. It will not be easy at the beginning, because we usually come up with a million reasons why we should not write today, but if you overcome this weakness and work out a methodology to create a text not in three hours but in one hour, then the goal of publishing content 4-5 times a week will be within your reach.

For me personally it is also a difficult challenge, especially that I have many places where I publish, but JZS is my favourite blog, so I devote most of my time to it, trying to upload a new text every day. I also reach back to older entries to correct or complete them a bit.

I encourage you to be similarly active. Taking into account the data I quoted above, if you are consistent in your resolution, you will increase the number of viewers of the website in a significant way, which of course I wish you.


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