1.5 billion users on Facebook, around 500 million on Twitter, 400 million on LinkedIn, 800 million on Instagram. The numbers speak for themselves. If modern brands and companies want to communicate effectively with their audiences, they simply have to be there. Social media are ideal platforms to promote your business.

How does promotion through social media work?

Building brand awareness, brand image and customer trust are essential elements of online promotion. Platforms social media are perfectly suited to these purposes. They allow us to be where our customers are and have an engaging dialogue with them. All of them allow us to reach potential customers and provide a great opportunity for brands to be remembered.

Brand awareness, community around the brand, increased trust, recognition - many of us will say these are the 'soft' areas of promotion. They are not so easy to measure. Compared to other e-marketing activities, they may seem less concrete. But with properly defined goals and a well-developed strategy for social media presence, they can bring measurable results.

Accurate reach

Firstly, using a specific social media platform allows you to reach a very specific group of users. The variety of portals is a great advantage here not only because of gaining the attention of specific users. Different types of preferred content and its communication functions allow brands to present themselves from many sides, and thus engage their audience more effectively.

Increasing website traffic

The second important issue is generating conversions. Social media allow sharing content that is important to the brand and its audience. Long-term action ultimately translates into increased traffic to the website. A social media channel is sometimes the first point of contact with a company's offer or services. It generates traffic and thus contributes to increasing the level of conversion. Besides, it cannot be forgotten that social media are a very important content distribution channel for content marketing activities.

Access to information

The third issue is related to information search and content consumption. Each user spends on average 2 hours a day in social media channels. He treats them not only as a form of entertainment or communication tool. They also search for information, check opinions about brands and interact with them. He does this in passing, but it is precisely this opportunity that can be turned into a success. If you make your brand information available where users may be looking for it, you significantly improve your visibility. We also make it easier to take advantage of an offer or service.

Real-time communication

The great advantage of social networks is that communication on them takes place in real time. And of course it is two-way. Users are used to immediate contact with the brand, and thus to satisfying a specific need here and now. Social media perfectly harmonise with contemporary consumer behaviour and their expectations regarding the dynamics of communication. At this point, it is worth noting the great role of instant messaging. Messenger can become (and often is) a help desk, a space where users ask about an offer and quickly obtain the necessary information.

Sales potential

Social media have great sales potential. The available advertising formats make it possible to adapt the form of the message to the objectives. A portal that works very well as a sales medium is Facebook. Using the available tools, you can present your offer in an effective manner. A good example here is the "Carousel" format. Using it, you can present several products, include a call to action, information about prices or discounts, and redirect traffic from the ad directly to your landing page. In addition, advertising formats were adapted some time ago to mobile devices, which we use very often. It is worth remembering here that advertising campaigns in social media can be optimised and very precisely targeted. This is even more convincing for the effectiveness of promotional activities in social media channels.


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