It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that Google and many other big players want the web to be secure and are taking various measures in this direction. They run various campaigns promoting the HTTPS protocol and more than once they have made it clear that sites running on this protocol will have better rankings in their search engine, thanks to which they will be placed higher in search results. Google has even published its own manual entitled "HTTPS. "Securing Your Website With HTTPS" - worth a look.

Unfortunately, in spite of such efforts, safe websites on the Internet are still very scarce - only about 0.1%. Interestingly, there are many services offering free certificates such as Let's Encrypt, and also many CDN service providers offer the possibility to use free certificates, but the effect is only 0.1%. Don't we want to feel more secure online?

Why use the secure HTTPS protocol?

First of all, data sent over HTTPS is secured using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which provides three layers of protection:

  • Encryption (transmitted data such as login and password when logging in or other from any forms are encrypted),
  • Data integrity (transmitted data cannot be intercepted, changed and passed on),
  • Authentication (the user knows what page they are communicating with and that it is exactly the page they want to be on).
  • If personal data are processed on the website, GIODO recommends using an SSL certificate. Thanks to cryptography, data is better protected.

These are the most important elements, but don't forget to mention the impact on ranking in Google results, which can motivate you more, as well as many others, such as when you have a shop and want to link it to your Facebook page. I don't know if you know, but Facebook will not accept an integration with a shop that does not have an SSL certificate.

Does HTTPS in 100% protect my site?

If this were the case, we would not hear about data leaks from large portals or government websites. The transmission of data is protected so that it cannot be intercepted and exploited, which is extremely important, but you should be aware that HTTPS is not a cure-all. If we don't update our website's software and an attacker exploits a vulnerability found in it, HTTPS will be of little use. It will also not protect us from other threats such as DDOS or Brute force attacks and of course from holes in the server environment.

There are many different threats, many known and many still unknown, but by using HTTPS on your website you can eliminate at least some of them. That is why it is worth doing.

My blog also uses HTTPS, and it is just a blog after all. I don't even remember anymore since when, but probably about 2 years have passed. You can recognize it by the green padlock that appears next to the address bar in Chrome or Firefox.
When I do projects for my clients I also run their sites in HTTPS, unless for some reason the client says he doesn't want to, but so far there hasn't been such a case and I don't know why it should happen. Thanks to this, even if the client is not fully aware of what is going on, he has a feeling that something is better than normal, so he is more satisfied, and I am glad that he is safer than most others and by the way I have a little bit more peaceful sleep 🙂 .

Switch to HTTPS if you can. If you don't know how, ask your hosting provider, they should be able to help you. For those who are just planning a website, of course, I invite you to my "web workshop", where encrypted data transmission is guaranteed on the output 🙂 .


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