How to activate automatic email reply

The question is why? It's an inconspicuous but very practical feature of your email inbox, so that your customers don't feel neglected when they have to wait too long for a reply. They know what this is caused by.

When might this situation occur? When you go on a well-deserved holiday, when you are ill, when you are away on business and are unable to keep up to date... there could be many examples of the possible use of automatic replies.

How to set up an automatic email response

In the first instance go to your hosting account panel DiDHost. Go to the list of email accounts and click on the name of the mailbox for which you want to activate an automatic reply.

List of email accounts

In the next step, click on the "Auto answer", select the "Enable auto reply" and fill in the selected fields of the email that will be sent to the sender. Example:

Configuration of automatic email prompts

Title of the reply

In principle, in the simplest version of the settings, you just need to enter the content of the reply and click on OK. Done. However, there are several other settings, such as the ability to modify the title, e.g. to Answer: ..

The tag will automatically be replaced by the original title of the message sent to you. Do not delete it.

Content of the reply

There is no need to comment on this. It is the content of the message that the sender of the e-mail will receive in response. It can be information that you are on holiday until a certain day and you will reply as soon as you come back from holiday or whatever you want.

Message format

The simplest format is text and this is the default. However, if you want the email to use your HTML template (you have to prepare it) choose the HTML option and insert the message code. If you don't know how to prepare the message in HTML format leave the default text setting.


The universal encoding is UTF-8. Change this setting only if you know exactly what you are doing. Incorrect choice of encoding may cause your automatic response to be unreadable for the recipient. I suggest not to modify this setting.

Forwarding of the original message

You can also activate the forwarding of the original message to another email address. As a result, the sender will receive an automatic reply and his or her email will automatically be forwarded to someone who is not on holiday at your company and can handle the customer.

How many times to inform the sender per day that you are not there

Another option is the number of automatic replies sent to the same sender within one day. I suggest leaving the default value of "1" so as not to clutter the sender's mailbox.


If you want, you can also add an attachment to your reply. This can be a PDF document or anything else you want to make available to people who write to you in this way.

Do not forget about this setting!

The setting related to the automatic switching off of the response on a specific day is important! For example, on the day you return from holiday.

Why is this so important? Because we tend to forget about the autoresponder. We come back from holiday and at the start we have only one foot in the door at work. We are trying to find ourselves in reality and such trivial things as automatic email replies simply slip our minds. So it may happen that you came back from holiday a few days ago and everyone who writes to you still receives an automatic reply that you are on holiday 🙂 So remember to activate the option to disable replies on a specific day of the calendar.

Finally, click on the OK and the autoresponder starts to work for you 🙂

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