How do I change the hosting account panel language?

The panel is currently available in two language versions: Polish and English. The default language is Polish, but you can change it in an instant if necessary.

Method 1

If you log into the panel directly, bypassing Customer PanelThen, on the login page under the form, you will find a language selection option. Expand the list and select English. After a moment, the login page will reload or, if you have already entered the login and password, you will immediately enter the panel in the selected language version.

login to Plesk panel and language selection
login to Plesk panel view after language change

Method 2

You can change the default language in your profile settings. In the panel, click on your profile:

Click here to go to edit your profile

Then scroll down the page to the preferences section and here from the list select the language you want to be the main language of your interface, and finally save the changes by clicking on the "OK" button. That's all 🙂 .

In the preferences section, change the language and save your changes.

The effect will be immediate. The main page of the panel will be loaded, but already in the previously selected language.

View of the panel with changed language
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