How to set up email forwarding to another email address

Sometimes there is a need to set up mail forwarding to an external email address or to another internal mailbox. Question: How to set up such a redirection?

Log in to your hosting account panel and from the left menu select the "Mail" section. Then, on the list of email boxes, find the one for which you want to configure redirection and click on its name. If the email account does not exist, create them.

List of email addresses

In the next step, open the "Forwarding" tab. Check the "Enable message forwarding" option and enter the address or multiple email addresses to which incoming mail will be forwarded. Example below:

Edit redirection

Confirm by clicking on the "OK" button and test 🙂 From then on, everything sent to your email will be redirected to the address you enter in the redirection configuration.

You can return to the same place at any time and modify or completely disable the redirection.

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