I am very often asked for recommendations of the best WordPress plugins, themes and services. You usually want to know what I use on JZS and on my Clients' websites. In order not to answer many times the same questions I decided to publish a short list of tools I work with. In practice, their sets differ, which is dependent on the specific project - each is different. However, I always try to select the range of solutions in such a way as to best accomplish the task entrusted to me. For this reason, I will not describe everything, but will focus only on what I use regularly or occasionally on JZS.

If you're considering starting a blog, such as the one you're on right now, and you already know for sure that it's going to be a blog running on WordPress, then the first decision you need to make is WordPress hosted by yourself (aka self-hosted), ie: WordPress.org or the use of a platform: WordPress.comwhere you will be able to blog without having to think about the choice of hosting. You must decide for yourself by weighing the various pros and cons. I have been operating on my own hosting account since the beginning because of the unlimited development possibilities.


It is something without which no website can exist. Hosting in this context is a general, simplified assumption that it is a smaller or larger piece of server, or even the entire server, on which the website files are stored, and which at the time you type the address in the window of your web browser are downloaded from it directly or indirectly through CDNs to its window. This allows you to view it in all its glory.

I use JZS hosting Didwear.co.ukwhich I recommend when launching any kind of website. Be it a blog, company website, shop or whatever else comes to your mind. As it works in OpenStack environment, compared to traditional hosting, it is primarily more scalable (it can handle projects of different sizes) and less prone to failures, e.g. due to data replication on distributed disks, which practically eliminates the unavailability of the service in case of hardware failure. Hosting is ideal for WordPress. You can read about how to activate it in the article "Server with strong support


I am currently using the theme at JZS GeneratePress PRO version, which I recommend due to well written code and speed of operation. What I could still recommend to you are themes from companies such as Themify (at JZS for nearly 2 years, I think), Elegant Themes and several solutions available on Theme Forest.

GeneratePress in combination with Elementorem at the moment, it provides me with maximum comfort.


Apart from the safeguards available on the hosting itself, such as backups or protection against various types of attacks, I also use a tool called SiteLock, which regularly monitors the website for various types of threats and is able to automatically eliminate them. A very cool tool is also Securi to block attacks. I also use a plug-in for security and monitoring Wordfence.


There is a plug-in for JZS WP Fastest Cache PRO versionwhich actually works best for this blog. I use this plug-in together with KeyCDN i Async Javascript This has increased the performance of the website several times over.

Perfmatters - Thanks to this plug-in I can eliminate loading scripts which are not used by a given subpage. It significantly slims down the code, which translates directly into website performance.

ShortPixel - service for automatic optimisation of images and although a similar functionality is offered by WP Fastest Cache PRO, somehow ShortPixel works better for me in this case.


Yoast SEO - I'll be honest, I've tried various other SEO optimization plugins and each time I came back to Yoast. Maybe it's a matter of habit, but when it comes to optimising your site for search engines it works great.

OptinMonster - is used for various marketing campaigns on the website, mainly aimed at building mailing lists.

Finale - WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin - I use this plugin from time to time for various promotions, especially for limited time or quantity promotions. The plugin has a lot of interesting possibilities.

OneSignal Push - a system enabling the sending of push notifications.


Disqus - Although they are making changes that I do not always like, they are still number one for me when it comes to the comment system.

This is roughly the most important set of tools I use, at least for the moment on How to Make a Website.


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